Unified occupational risk assessment document: new provisions applicable from 31 March 2022

Updating a single document on occupational risk assessment

As an employer, it is your responsibility to record and update the results of the worker health and safety risk assessment in the Uniform Occupational Risk Assessment Document (UDRP).

Today, the DER needs to be updated at least once a year, regardless of the size of the company.

It should also be updated if a major development decision is made that changes health and safety conditions or working conditions. It should also be changed when the information relates to the risk assessment in the unit. With regard to this risk assessment information, it should be noted that as of March 31, an update is required as soon as the information is brought to the attention of the employer.

For companies with fewer than 11 employees, the Warsmann Act, published in 2012, planned to eliminate this annual periodicity. But this small business waiver provision was not followed up with the publication of an executive order. But the health law and the decree published on March 20 correct this “oversight”. Companies with fewer than 11 employees are no longer required to renew their DUERP annually.

If necessary, after updating the DUER, an update is carried out:

  • for companies with at least 50 employees: on an annual program to prevent occupational risks and improve working conditions;
  • for companies with less than 50 employees: in the list of measures to prevent risks and protect employees.

In companies with at least 50 employees equipped with CSP, the EWRP is also used to compile an annual written report summarizing the overall health, safety and working conditions of the company and the actions taken over the past year in these areas. .

With the entry into force of the health law, the employer must also take into account, when assessing the risks in case of simultaneous or sequential exposure to several chemical agents, the combined exposure of all these employees.

Preservation of a single occupational risk assessment document

As of March 31, 2022, a single document on occupational risk assessment in its subsequent versions must be kept for 40 years from the date of their compilation.

Today you should know that it is available, in particular, to employees, the Unified State Examination, the labor inspectorate, labor prevention and hygiene services, employees of preventive services of social protection organizations (Labor Code, Art. R. 4121-4).

From March 31, this document should also be available to former employees, but only in those versions that were valid during the period of their activity in the company. The communication of its earlier versions may be limited to only elements relating to the activities of the applicant. The people who work or have worked for the company can then pass on these various items to the healthcare professionals in charge of their medical supervision.

Regarding its dematerialized submission, the digital portal will be created and administered by an organization managed by professional organizations of employers’ representatives at the national and interprofessional level. This portal will need to host DUERP and its updates, access to which will be restricted by a secure authentication procedure.

The dematerialized deposit of the DUERP will be mandatory:

  • from July 1, 2023 for companies with at least 150 employees;
  • from the dates set by the decree, depending on the number of employees of companies, and no later than July 1, 2024 for companies with less than 150 employees.

Pending the application of this dematerialized deposit, you must keep subsequent versions of the single document internally in the form of a paper or dematerialized document.

Obligations to maintain and provide subsequent versions of a single document on occupational risk assessment apply only to versions of a single document that are effective from March 31, 2022.

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