Association Entretoiles sheds light on auteur cinema in Draseni

Author’s film or the last American blockbuster stuffed with special effects?

In front of movie posters, members of the Entretoiles association do not hesitate for a second.

For seven years now, nine representatives of this Dracenoise structure have been actively working to promote auteur cinema in the territory.

“The association was born on the initiative of the municipality and on the supervision of the CGR group.explains President Claire Burton. Through their new programs, mostly focused on commercial cinema, the group noticed the loss of some of their clientele in Eldorado, still open at the time. Therefore, he demanded that the mayor’s office create a film lovers’ association to ensure the promotion of art-house cinema and thus regain lost clientele.

Thus was born Entretoiles, whose original purpose remains unchanged to this day.

“More artistic, more poetic”

“Our goal is to popularize art-house films that are not a major commercial product but often have a more artistic, more poetic side and seek to open up to the outside world.Claire Burton continues. It’s a movie that for us is quality, but which is not necessarily known or recognized by the general public.

Therefore, since 2015, the association has been holding several actions in this direction every year.

“We started by organizing small festivals that were repeated every year, but with different themes: South American cinema, detective genre, the Cannes Film Festival, etc.”

At the same time, the success of Entretoiles naturally reached the scale expected by its founders. With over 200 members now, the structure multiplies events and works closely with Draguignan’s CGR to certainly promote auteur cinema as well as making culture accessible to all.

Growing interest

However, without influencing film programs, its nine members – mostly retirees, all film enthusiasts – meet once a month to take stock.

“Everyone comes with their own notes or press clippings.smiling Claire Burton, and we choose a series of films. We offer them every week at CGR in Draguignan, which then broadcasts them every evening at the film club. We constantly try to choose accessible, eclectic, but not elitist films that convey messages. And always in the original, so as not to lose the meaning. Then we we write a weekly email with reviews and schedules of all art house productions that are shown in Draguignan, Salerne, Lorgues, Le Luc, Cotignac and Fréjus. This approach has did meet an audience and arouse an interest that continues to be denied, as to date, 550 people with a clear interest in auteur cinema receive this letter every week.

At the same time, Entretoiles also offers two evenings, two Sundays a month, outside school holidays, at the CGR in Draguignan.

“An evening with two sessions, interspersed with an aperitif in between.detail by Guillaume Burton and Jean-Jacques Bodineau. Aperitifs are an opportunity to create a connection, an atmosphere. And the second evening, with one viewing. All sessions are at the rate of Entretoiles, which is 5.40 euros.

Opening to the world

Finally, still looking to solidify its roots in the territory, the association has just launched its first major event: the Asian Film Festival on March 19 and 20, which will focus on Japanese culture.

The event, which should take place every year, which gives pride of place to Asian auteur cinema, attracted more than 600 spectators for the first time.

A real success, which is confirmed year after year, for an association that has no other interests at stake than the passion for 7as well as Art.

“The organization of this first festival cost us money, without bringing us anything financially.concludes Claire Burton. On the other hand, it brought us the essential, that is, the opening to the world. Within two days, even though we were locked in a room, we were projected to Japan. through images, language, actors, etc. We got lost in another universe and at the same time rediscovered the very essence of cinema!”

Membership: 15 euros per year.

To join, send an email to Subsidized by the municipality in the amount of 500 euros, the association lives mainly from its members. All information in the Facebook account @entretoiles

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