Best High School Anime Streaming on Netflix

The world of Japanese animation is bigger and better than ever, and anime fans can stream their favorite series across multiple platforms, with Crunchyroll and Funimation being two of the most popular dedicated anime streaming services. However, someone looking for a new show can find plenty of anime on more general platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and, of course, streaming giant Netflix.

Netflix recently expanded its anime game and can finally compete with Crunchyroll and Funimation with their impressive and diverse catalog of anime to watch, including strong titles like A game, Bleach as well as demon slayer. Meanwhile, fans of anime shows set in high school can also find a lot to enjoy on Netflix as there are a lot of good options on this platform.

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“Komi Can’t Communicate” is a gem of a romantic comedy

Komi flowers background

Popular romantic comedy anime series Komi can’t communicate became a hit in 2021 and the series is set to return to Netflix with a second season in spring 2022. This adorable anime series for high school students follows Shoko Komi, a beautiful but shy girl with a communication disorder.

Komi set a goal of making 100 friends before graduation, and her social life changed when she met her simple but kind classmate Tadano Hitohito, who helped her finally make new friends. Comey’s Adventure is a joyful and fun high school adventure that mostly takes place at Ethan High School and a few city attractions like ramen shops or outdoor pools. Komi’s new life has just begun.

Kakegurui ups the ante at a private high school

Ryota Suzui and Jabami Yumeko from Kakegurui

Live-action anime series kakegurui takes place in high school, but it’s a completely different animal than shows like Komi can’t communicate Where Nisekoy. At Hyakko Private Academy, the sons and daughters of society’s elite learn the tricks of high-stakes gambling, betting fortunes daily in fierce competition at the craps, cards, and roulette tables.

However, this lore-based school is turned on its head when Jabami Yumeko, a flamboyant troublemaker, joins it – a wild, hedonistic girl who seeks only one thing: primitive, verging on erotic sensations, games in their true form. She doesn’t want fame or fortune – she wants excitement, and Hyakko will never be the same again.

Rascal does not dream of a bunny girl Senpai impressed anime fans with feelings

Short but popular anime series The swindler does not dream of the bunny girl Senpai this is more than just a high school anime – it’s a dramatic, slightly supernatural exploration of what it’s like to face your inner demons and try to grow as a person. The protagonist is a high school student named Azusagawa Sakuta who meets a quiet girl named Mai, who is inexplicably dressed as a rabbit in the middle of the library, although no one seems to notice her.

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Sakuta and Mai quickly become friends at school and vow to help others suffering from what they call “teenage syndrome”, including Sakuta’s cheerful but shy younger sister, the reclusive Kaede. Seeing a bunny girl in the library may seem silly, but Sakuta and Mai’s adventures soon take a more dramatic turn and their lives change forever.

Nozaki-Kun Girls’ Monthly Shojo Manga Issue

monthly girls nozaki kun

Nozaki-kun Girls’ Monthly Issue is an anime series set in high school, although the titular Nozaki Umetaro hardly remembers homework or lectures. He is more obsessed with his serialized shoujo manga series. let’s fall in loveand he needs help. He unwittingly rejects his fan Sakura Chiyo, but happily hires her as his new assistant at his home studio, and Chiyo is happy to just hang out with such a cool Nozaki and help him create great manga for the fans. enjoy.

Along the way, this odd couple gets into all sorts of pranks at school with their friends and classmates, and best of all, Nozaki is able to use these antics as inspiration for new chapters of his manga series, even though his publisher doesn’t. . always like what Nozaki has to offer.

Toradora! Starring Palmtop Tiger, Aisaka Taiga

Toradora! remains one of the most popular and well-known animated series for high school students, and while the show has a lot of comedy and adventure, it can also be dramatic, tense, and even heartbreaking at times, although things will probably work out eventually. The star is the kind Takasu Ryuji, who is in love with his energetic classmate Minori, and he will need the help of the short but tough tsundere Aisaki Taiga to win Minori’s heart.

However, Ryuuji and Taiga soon realize that they actually do have feelings for each other instead. This complicated love triangle won’t be so easy to solve, and someone might get hurt along the way. However, it is all part of growing and learning the ways of love.

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March Comes Like a Lion is one of the best animated films about depression.

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