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* Tunisia: Ali Mrabet participates in the 56th Ordinary Session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Health (AA)

Tunisian Minister of Health Ali Mrabet attended the meetings of the Executive Bureau and the 56th Ordinary Session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Health held on 23 and 24 March 2022 at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in Cairo, Egypt.

The Minister of Health delivered a speech from Tunisia in her capacity as President of the previous session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Health and handed over the chairmanship of the current session to her Algerian counterpart, wishing her every success in her functions.

He also emphasized the need to implement the Arab strategy to improve the quality of health services and ensure comprehensive health coverage through the adoption of joint measures that can contribute to the management of the health insurance system in Arab countries, in coordination with international partners such as the Regional Office of the World Health Organization ( WHO) for the Eastern Mediterranean and the United Nations Population Fund.

* Tunisia: Central Bank services deal with cyberattack (AA)

The computer security system of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) detected a cyber attack on the morning of Wednesday 23 March 2022.

This is what follows from the BCT press release prepared by the Anadolu agency. According to the same source, the attack was brought under control thanks to the coordinated actions of the BCT services and the National Computer Security Agency (ANSI).

It should be noted that BCT recorded some violations in some of its activities, including on the website. However, all data in the Bank’s information system is reliable and intact.

The press release states that BCT assures the public of the continuity of services in relation to the national and international banking system.

* Washington stresses the importance of respecting trade union freedoms and rights in Tunisia.

The United States of America stressed on Thursday the importance of upholding trade union rights, human rights and the values ​​of individual freedoms and democracy in Tunisia.

Here’s what U.S. Under Secretary of State for Civil Security, Democracy and Human Rights Uzra Zei said during her meeting with Secretary General of the Tunisian General Labor Union (OGTT) Noureddine Taboubi at the UGTT headquarters in the capital Tunisia, according to a press release from the trade union center , with which the Anadolu agency got acquainted.

During the meeting, which was attended by US Ambassador to Tunisia Donald Blome, Uzra Zeya hailed, according to the statement, “the historic role of the GCTC in all the crises that Tunisia has gone through.”

Several human rights organizations in Tunisia have recently warned of declining levels of freedoms and tightening restrictions on freedom of expression.

* Tunisia / municipal workers strike: waste accumulates (AA)

Since Wednesday, several Tunisian cities have been collapsing under debris. Municipal workers are holding a general strike for the second time this year, following a two-day protest in February last year over failure to comply with demands submitted to the government.

Mountains of garbage in Tunisia this Thursday, streets littered with barely passable garbage cans, dirty sidewalks. Passers-by were forced to jump from one sidewalk to another to get around the piles of rubbish scattered all over the place and emitting a sickening smell. The city is suffocating, the unions have taken over, and the demands of municipal employees are still not satisfied.

According to Abdeljabar Bettaib, a member of the General Federation of Municipalities, the oversight body and the government presidium have not responded to requests from agents and have not yet invited them to the negotiating table.

* Gerandi meets with OIC Secretary General in Islamabad (AA)

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad Osman Gerandi met on Wednesday with Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Hussein Ibrahim Taha as part of his participation in the 48th session of the Organization’s Council of Foreign Ministers. , from 22 to 23 March in Islamabad.

“Tunisia is ready to support the Secretary-General in the performance of his functions,” the statement said. And Gerandi urged “to move forward on the path of establishing partnerships with various international groups in order to confront current security and development challenges.”

For his part, the OIC Secretary General confirmed the need to redouble efforts “to prevent conflicts in the Islamic space and strengthen integrated development in the service of security and stability in the region and the world,” TAR reports.

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