Diplomatic summits on Ukraine, Valerie Pecresse tested positive for Covid, wave of BA-2 option among youth… this Thursday’s news

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War in Ukraine: counteroffensive. A month after the start of Russia’s massive, bloody and devastating offensive against its neighbor, the Kremlin’s advance appears to have faltered in the face of Ukrainian resistance. In its issue of March 10 Release I have already described in detail the amazing shortcomings – strategic mistakes, problems with logistics, shortcomings in intelligence … – of the Russian army, which then advanced very slowly. Two weeks later, not only the capital remains firmly in the hands of the Ukrainians, but the latter are no longer content with resistance: they counterattack and win back positions, in particular, in the northwest and east of Kyiv. Almost impossible to measure on the ground, these territorial acquisitions are no less real. And symbolically very strong. On Wednesday, an American military source said that Vladimir Putin’s men retreated more than 30 kilometers in a day in the capital area. Our battle point of the day.

NATO and G7 summit in Brussels. 30 NATO member countries, 21 of which are members of the European Union, met on Thursday morning. On the program: support for Ukraine against the Russian invasion. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed hope in a video message on Wednesday: “We expect significant measures. From NATO, the G7 and the EU.” The Alliance heard the message. Shortly before the start of the meeting, General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg set the tone by pointing out that Vladimir Putin had committed “big mistake” with the invasion of Ukraine and had “underrated” country resistance. US President Joe Biden promised him “response” NATO if Russia uses chemical weapons, and expressed his “hope” that Beijing is not helping Moscow soften the impact of Western sanctions. Emmanuel Macron, for his part, assured: “We are ready to increase sanctions against Russia.” Find all the news of the day about the war in Ukraine.

Covided, Pécresse continues its “at a distance” campaign. Another blow of fate for the presidential candidate of the Republic of Lithuania, which forced her to stop her speeches: seventeen days before the first round, Pekress, whose electoral rating has collapsed since the beginning of the year, announced a positive test result this Thursday. “I continue the trip remotely and in compliance with sanitary rules”.

The BA-2 variant is very common among the youngest. Closed classrooms, hoarse coughs and re-infections… the sixth wave of the coronavirus is especially noticeable at school. The youngest are indeed among the hardest hit early in the recovery from the epidemic, especially since the mask is no longer mandatory. Despite the easier protocol, many students are regularly absent. Our article.

A North Korean missile falls 150 km off the coast of Japan. From an unidentified projectile to an intercontinental ballistic missile. This Thursday, North Korea launched a new missile, this time towards Japan. A shot that completes the series of launches from Pyongyang since the beginning of the year. This was stated by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. “a scandalous act that cannot be forgiven.”

Death of Jacques Rougerie, great historian of the Commune. Among the uprisings, the Paris Commune of 1871 holds a special place in hearts and minds. Considered the greatest historian of the period, Jacques Rougerie, died Tuesday at the age of 90, a year after the 150th anniversary of the uprising.

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In Nikopol, “the consequences of an attack on the plant will be worse than in Chernobyl.” In a city in eastern Ukraine, in a strategic castle, residents live with the angst of firefights that could damage the most powerful nuclear power plant in Europe. For prevention, 80,000 iodine tablets were issued to the population. Read the report of our special correspondent.

How anti-vaccinations became the best repeaters of Russian propaganda. On social media, conspirators, anti-vaxxers and COVID-skeptics have turned their eyes to the war in Ukraine. By spreading a number of fake news stories, they became conduits for Russian disinformation in France. Our analysis.

Libélysée episode 8: Is Eric Zemmour finished yet? In the final stretch of the presidential sprint, the Reconquista candidate clings to his meeting at the Trocadero, but sees the prospect of a runoff receding by the day. How has Zemmour’s campaign changed and what does he have in store for the future? Our podcast.

Tony Parker on a slippery road with his Vercors ski resort mega project. On the advice of a promoter, the former basketball star and businessman bought the Villar-Corrançon resort in 2019 to build residences there that will welcome tourists all year round. But the obstacles are piling up, and things are stalling. Our poll.

Asylum seekers: Suspicion of abuse in the Caes de Marseille. In a residential complex close to the northern districts, warning signs have recently multiplied to warn against mistreatment of residents. The leadership of the structure denies any problem and considers itself the victim of a smear campaign. Our poll.

Marguerite Duras, voice prints. So far there has been no published correspondence from Duras. She, of course, was famous for her phone calls, sometimes late at night, always long, but, finally, letters, she wrote a lot. It’s done with Letters found. 1969-1989, correspondence with director and friend Michelle Port, accompanied by the recipient’s comments and a set of unpublished documents. Our review.

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