Drama in Pamiers: 17-year-old migrant commits suicide in municipal park

This Friday morning, the territorial agents of the Pamier city hall discovered the lifeless body of a 17-year-old young man. In all likelihood, he committed suicide by hanging himself in the city park. Many schoolchildren from the city arrived at the scene. Two medical-psychological chambers were opened.

On the night of Thursday to Friday, a terrible drama played out in the center of Pamier. Around 7 am, municipal employees found the lifeless body of a young man in a newly opened municipal park. The warning was immediately passed on to emergency services, the police and the mayor’s office. From that moment on, firefighters, doctors and police rushed to the scene. Despite their efforts, the victim could not be resuscitated. Forewarned, the public prosecutor’s office of Foix commandeered Frédéric Thienot, the city’s mayor and medical examiner, to retrieve the body. For their part, the Pamiers Police Station made the first sightings and other clues.

The young man managed to get into the park, which closes every evening from 7 to 8 p.m., before hanging himself from a tree.

Only an autopsy and investigation will make it possible to establish the circumstances of this terrible tragedy. But, in all likelihood, this 17-year-old youth committed suicide by hanging. The height of horror, the discovery of his body came as dozens of students were dropped off by bus to reach nearby schools in the city. Some of them also filmed this scene.

Long and painful migration path

With these elements in mind, the management of the Ariege Valley Intercommunal Hospital Center (Chiva) decided to open a medical-psychological department, which can be contacted at: 05 61 03 33 40. Likewise, the Pamiers mayor’s office also set up a similar system, and Frédéric Thienault immediately received the agents who discovered the body. Of course, they are deeply shocked.

The same emotions in the Department that followed the case of this young man, who was supposed to turn 18 in October. An unaccompanied minor (MNA) of Moroccan nationality, he arrived a few weeks ago in Ariège after a tragic life journey. After the death of his parents, he was placed with his aunt. He escaped from there at 11 or 12 before spending a few years in Spain. First on the street, then in the hostel. During these years, he developed a serious addiction to hard drugs. He then left Barcelona before arriving in Ariège.

crime story

He was first placed in Foix and Tarascon before Pamiers due to several episodes of violence. The latter is dated on the night of 24/25 February in the Appam structure, where it was cared for. He then used a knife to threaten employees before pushing a night watchman, who is still on duty today, down the stairs. But after these facts, he managed to escape for a moment before being placed in the same house. The next day, he was placed in police custody and then presented to a juvenile judge. This time, no one else needed him.

Therefore, the Department responsible for supporting unaccompanied minors, in conjunction with the Child Welfare Assistance (ASE) and the Judicial Protection of Youth (PJJ), decided to place him in Pamiers. However, the law currently prohibits such measures. “We couldn’t leave him outside! “, notes a source close to the file.

Poor social workers

In the district council, the teams are also in shock. “It was an extremely difficult situation. He was completely under the influence of drugs, and after this stabbing we had no choice but to put him in a hotel. Until 2019, we accepted up to 70 unaccompanied minors per year and conducted 230 assessments. We are talking about young people who always wanted to fit in, who worked and made every effort to improve the practice of the language. Apart from periods of crisis, we could not hospitalize him. And what structure can it adopt? He should have intervened, but he didn’t. This is someone who eluded us, but it is not in our habit. This is a tragedy… There are a lot of emotions at the service this morning,” notes the departmental council of Ariège.

The same mess in the Pamière house, which was thus no longer responsible for this young man. “Very unfortunate: he was a vulnerable child with a long migratory journey with a strong addiction to hard drugs. We asked for a psychiatrist, but there was no place. But I would not want us to associate the household with this kind of drama. Unfortunately, we have very few resources and we are neither a psychiatric center nor a strengthened educational center. All these shifts are alarming and we are powerless in the face of such situations. Alas, this young man had no limit either for himself or for others, ”the director admits.

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