Elden Ring: How will From Software’s new game revolutionize video gaming?

12 million units sold in 20 days of marketing: Elden Ring is a colossal card. It gets the best ratings, conquers more and more players, and captivates content creators who find it difficult to get them… A game that captivates, amazes, and effortlessly represents the new model of a generation of open world games. Here are 5 things that Elden Ring will change in the world of video games.


  • A new approach to complexity
  • The Future of FromSoftware
  • The confrontation “Niche game VS mainstream” has ended
  • Assistant is not always paid…
  • Community emulsion: a key element

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A new approach to complexity

The first point that will drastically change successancient ring, is an approach to difficulty in video games. We know that this is a very subjective topic, but by chance, after spending a certain number of hours on the game, we see how an ingenious way to calibrate the difficulty of players is formed. In their game, Miyazaki and his teams have relied on one difficulty, of course, but with adjustable parameters. This open world means you can face the first boss very easily by being level 30 instead of level 10, which is the first freedom in regards to the difficulty of the game. But in addition to that, we must not forget that Elden Ring offers you ally summons, player summons, sometimes several, and the souls of animals or monsters that can support you in certain confrontations. All this helps to soften the fights, and thus make the game more accessible.

If you’re unsure about the validity of this argument, enjoy every achievement unlocked in the game, look at what proportion of players have unlocked them, you’d be surprised how many game buyers play it compared to the old Souls. . With all these elements that make the game more accessible, we rarely get the impression of “cheating” using these methods. It’s fully integrated into the game.
Similarly, for your allies, the game remains difficult and always makes you realize that you are taking liberties that come at a significant cost. For example, when we call a friend, our tear bottles are halved. When we summon a creature to help us, the summoning effect reduces our mana and lasts for three precious seconds.

Long story short, Elden Ring says it’s a From Software game. On the other hand, what is impressive is the freedom with which he goes to suggest that you get around his principle, his core gameplay. And that is why Elden Ring will change the overall game design of games, because it proves that you can make a difficult game without imposed difficulty modes, simply by offering easier elements that are not there. like. So, the first evolution, and we continue the internal modifications in the studio…

The Future of FromSoftware

The second element that will fundamentally change Elden Ring is the way From Software will create their next games. Since 2009’s Demon’s Souls, the studio has released quite a few games that are quite similar, except for Sekiro, which is more airy and story-driven. We hardly see how they can go back to making more linear games without an open world, as Elden Ring makes progression more free and thus more attractive to new players. By returning to the basic Souls formula, the Japanese studio risks losing the millions of players that Elden Ring has transformed. There’s still a long way to go before millions of Elden Ring players become Dark Souls experts ready to pounce on an old From Software game.
So the most logical thing for From Software would be to take this first time structure and take us out of other products with the same very open structure.

Therefore, it is difficult to say whether Elden Ring will be able to coexist with Dark Souls or whether it will take its place. Either way, one thing is for sure: in the studio, a game will make something happen, and in the industry, too.

Elden Ring: How will From Software's new game revolutionize video gaming?

The confrontation “Niche game VS mainstream” has ended

The third important point we’ll have to change our way of naively contrasting niche games with blockbusters. As in the movies, we often have the image of a market divided in two. On the one hand, the author’s game, it is innovative, cool, but it is sold only to an expert audience, and on the other hand, a somewhat conditional game that uninteresting players will buy for a palette.
It is with this kind of reasoning that we box ourselves in and destroy any possibility of innovation in the studios for fear of risk. Whereas risk is what drives the industry forward.
Sure, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been there before, but we’re talking about a Zelda-branded game and a Switch game, so player engagement is bound to be huge, whatever it is. For Elden Ring, the stakes were tighter, this overhaul was a huge risk but a success. From Software makes the successor to the niche saga one of the biggest startups of the last 10 years.

Assistant is not always paid…

The fourth point that will upset Elden Ring is the concept of an assistant in video games. We have already mentioned difficulties, so we must also mention UI and UX games: UI for user interface, UX for user experience. Simply put, these two sciences come together to create and implement the interfaces for your video game. It is about how they are thought out, formed, arranged, designed and implemented. Are the interfaces clear enough to understand how an element works? Is there a regular audience there? And most importantly, can a beginner who is not good with controllers get away with it? In this regard, I must say, From Software games do not shine with their perfection. The interfaces are ascetic, heavy, and the explanations are not always very clear. But these interfaces have the advantage of staying relatively uncluttered on the screen. Asceticism most often leaves the action in the foreground: we look at the screen, decor, characters, more than indicators placed here and there. In other words, not caring about the ability to help the player brings the greatest benefit to the gameplay.

We tend to forget about it, but our A’s, our usual blockbusters, developers often try to do too much to support players who are unaccustomed to the environment. Points of interest are everywhere, mini-maps, proximity markers, status items to know if you’re on alert or not. Of course, often these elements can be hidden, but in a world where open worlds last from 100 to 150 hours and often repeat the same mechanics, we tend to get used to it. After seeing Elden Ring so austere in terms of its interfaces, netizens came across some ideas wondering what Elden Ring would look like with all those modern elements typical of the trio A, which makes for quite a funny image. Since then, the joke has gone too far, but there is no smoke without fire, and these parodies began to appear when industry representatives criticized the bad quests in the game. These people often work in large studios and produce modernized triple fives.

Elden Ring: How will From Software's new game revolutionize video gaming?

Therefore, we better understand their dissatisfaction with a game in which the UX elements of the Quest Design user interface, their professional specialty, are also little considered, but at the same time they are praised for the immersion that this provides. In a way, it’s old school, overly welcoming to the player, even if it means taking too much of the hand, head to head with the new school, camping Zelda and Elden Ring, which give free rein to interpretation, discovery, and observation. for the environment. And if we don’t have a quest log, it’s okay. If you missed the dialogue, you should have followed. If you don’t understand an object, test it. In a way, this community will create this help through posts in the room to help, through videos and written guides, through Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, word of mouth. And the more mutual aid is present, the more it will increase the natural notoriety of the game.

Community emulsion: a key element

Finally, the last point where Elden Ring will change everything is the community emulsion he created. We’ve seen it, everyone can play Elden Ring and everyone shares their little journey on social media. The freedom of action, the way you can explore the game, means that no playthrough is like another, like in a book where you are the hero, or in a role-playing game. But that’s not all. There’s also lore dug right out of the gate by storytelling enthusiasts who dig through item descriptions looking for the nitty-gritty of the narrative and even go as far as digging through game files to find out more. Then there is a real desire to analyze the content of this game and everything that surrounds it. A real movement that keeps passionate gamers evangelizing the curious for more or less a long time after the release of the game.

And because the game is addictive, it’s easy to find a doorway, be it competitive with wild PVP, humorous with messages, jokes that swarm messages on the Elden Ring floor, be it artistic with panoramas we share on social media, or even storytelling with. for example, hidden history of different bosses. Whatever happens, there are always elements that encourage the exchange of experience, a small anecdote from the session the day before. This is a community emulsion, thanks to which every player or every curious person can talk about the game and share their adventure with others, which will inevitably return the coin back to the machine.

Elden Ring: How will From Software's new game revolutionize video gaming?

That’s exactly what happens with Elden Ring, which, with its mystique, free exploration, and completely free cutting, allows everyone to create their own adventure. This community emulsion, of course, monopolizes the discussion boards and can be spoiler-heavy or quite heavy, but the result is simple: 20 days, 12 million copies sold. Quality appeals to the public and the 5 elements we just mentioned also contribute to this.

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