Families Want to Reopen ‘Florentine Monster’ Investigation

This is a new twist on one of the cases that has made headlines in Italian legal news most strongly: the investigation of the “monster of Florence”, this serial killer suspected of killing 16 people, targeting couples in full, in Topscane. between 1968 and 1985. Relatives of the three victims are asking for it to be reopened, arguing that it was “negligent.”

The families of victims of the serial killer known as the “Monster of Florence” after he terrorized the city from the late 1960s to the 1980s are calling for a new investigation into one of Florence, Italy’s darkest mysteries, a lawyer said Friday. Relatives of the three victims, two of whom are French citizens, have appealed to the Tuscan city prosecutor’s office with a request to reconsider the possible versions of the killer, suspected of killing 16 people.

“We are looking for the truth with a new investigation, and we are convinced that there are elements in the old files that have been mistakenly neglected,” lawyer Walter Biscotti told AFP. Maitre Biscotti presents Estelle Lanciotti, the eldest daughter of the French victim Nadine Morio, who was shot dead in 1985 along with Jean-Michel Kraveishvili during a campaign in Italy.

The killer chased the lovers

The victims were all couples killed with the same Beretta pistol. Most of them were attacked in cars, during or immediately after sex. Nadine Morio, who was killed in her tent, was one of four women who had their breasts or pubes mutilated. “We want to take a fresh look at the lead of a suspect named in an old police file that was never properly examined, as well as DNA found in anonymous letters,” Biscotti said.

Years of investigating murders that took place in the Florence area between 1968 and 1985 led the police to suspect a variety of people, from a poor farmer to members of the Italian secret service and a satanic cult. Five of the men were charged with the murders at one time or another, but in each case, while they were in prison, another murder took place and they were released, although one of these men confessed.

Tests that did not allow “to find out the whole truth”

Lawyers for relatives of Nadine Morio, Jean-Michel Kraveishvili and Carmela De Nuccio, who were killed in 1981, have requested access to the case file of the former farmer suspect Pietro Pacciani. The latter, already sentenced to 13 years in prison for a previous murder and also found guilty of raping two of his daughters, was sentenced to life in prison in 1994 for the murder of six of the eight couples, but was acquitted by the court. appeal two years later.

This decision was later overturned by another court, but Pacciani died in 1998 of a heart attack at the age of 73 before he could be tried again. Prosecutors portrayed him as a violent, sex-obsessed man who committed murders along with several friends with whom he frequented brothels.

Two of these friends, Mario Vanni and Giancarlo Lotti, were convicted of four of the eight double murders after Lotti confessed. Both were imprisoned and have since died. However, Giancarlo Lotti’s confessions contained “inconsistencies” and some of the murders are still unreported, suggesting that “none of the trials held so far have uncovered the whole truth,” Master Biscotti said.

90 year old suspect.

Other suspects include another friend of Pacciani, Giampiero Vigilanti. During a search of his home in the 1980s, police found newspaper clippings about the murders and bullets from the same brand used in the murders. Maitre Biscotti and other lawyers want the investigation against Giampiero Vigilanti, now 90, to be reopened.

They also want male DNA found in anonymous letters sent to prosecutors in 1985 not to match Pacciani’s, compared to that of a suspect they say the police overlooked too quickly.

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