France receives about 500 Ukrainians daily

To date, about 30,000 people have been identified. Especially women and children who receive assistance and do not plan to settle in the country.

To date, since the end of February, about 30 thousand Ukrainians have been registered in France. The figure of 26,000 Ukrainians already in France by Jean Castex last Tuesday has thus been exceeded, averaging about 500 new entries per day. The Prime Minister made it clear that many of these refugees were pursuing “Join family, friends” or from “to travel to other countries, in particular to Spain, Portugal or the UK.” SNCF orders trains to Spain daily to carry between 200 and 400 refugees on board, depending on the day.

In France, more than 13,000 Ukrainians have already received a temporary protected status established by the European Union. It is renewed every six months for three years. Candidates must be physically present at the prefecture counters, as well as special structures set up by the government, such as the Porte de Versailles in Paris.

Jean Castex, held last Tuesday at “to underscore the huge display of solidarity among French men and women, as 91,000 private places have been offered to date.” He mentioned “a national reception and accommodation scheme offering at least 100,000 accommodation places” for Ukrainians. A system dependent primarily on the Ministry of Housing and complementary to the existing system for asylum seekers.

Refugees with temporary protection are eligible to receive assistance for asylum seekers (ADA, 426 euros per month), parliament will have to meet after the presidential elections to vote on amendments to the finance law that will allow for a serious increase in the budget for both living and for allowance. ADA, distributed by the French Office of Immigration and Integration (Ofii), costs about half a billion euros per year for 100,000 beneficiaries in France.

The temporary protection granted to Ukrainians is broader than that which is due to the status of an asylum seeker. They can work straight away, use universal health protection (Puma), get APL.

Mobilized economic world

Pierre Henry, president of France Fraternités and former CEO of France Terre d’Asile, an association for migrants, warns of the fate of non-Ukrainian foreign students arriving from Ukraine. “These students, 3,000 maximum, should be treated the same as their Ukrainian counterparts. Connected!”, this week he launched for Marlene Schiappa and Emmanuel Macron on Twitter. Prefect Didier Lechy, director of Ofii, confirms Figaro that a contingent of non-Ukrainian foreign students or workers arrived in France at the start of the conflict with Russia. The 30 percent share of these citizens in the flow of arrivals at the beginning of March was, according to him, “correct order of magnitude in the early days”.

For example, according to our information, on March 3, 4 and 5, 46% of men and 53% of women, Ukrainians themselves, appeared in the Paris reception structures, which is 68% of the persons identified at that time; Algerians made up 7.47%, Ivorians 3.47%, Moroccans 3.47%, Indians 2.67%. There are more than 22 different nationalities in total. That “points of orientation” of these men were Roissy, Courbevoie and Nanterre.

“It is quite logical that at the start, foreigners living in Ukraine, who had connections in our country, were the first to show up in France. – evaluates the prefect Lesha. FROM, he continues mainly Ukrainian women and children are presented, even if the pool of non-Ukrainians has not dried up.

Very few speak our language and few speak English.

Employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The economic world is mobilized to offer jobs to newly arrived Ukrainians. But, according to an Ofii executive, these refugees, mostly women and often with children, have no life plans to stay in France at this stage. “Very few speak our language and few speak English” instructs the framework of the Ministry of the Interior, who sees there “difficulty to overcome”.

Will European countries agree on quotas for the distribution of these refugees among EU members? Even if the topic is under study, experts assure that “many Ukrainians will not want to leave the countries bordering Ukraine, especially with the Slavic language.”

hear them “The dream of Ukrainian refugees is to find their fathers, husbands and brothers as soon as possible.” Didier Lechy, for his part, acknowledges this: “No one today knows what the scale of the flow of refugees in France will be.” The situation is too unstable.

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