Garbage fire that burned seven cars, tagged radars and stolen fuel… Breaking news in Auvergne at a glance

A game console was stolen in Aubier.

The three men were spotted by security personnel at the Auchan hypermarket in Aubier on Wednesday, March 23, in the late afternoon. They suspected them of stealing a Nintendo Switch game console (€369). They alerted the police, who arrested them. Three men aged between 32 and 45 are summoned to a criminal court for theft at a meeting.

Seven cars caught fire in Gerzat

Firefighters had to intervene on Thursday, March 24 at around 11:30 p.m. to extinguish seven burning vehicles parked on the Moulin du Roi in Guerza. Garbage cans were also engulfed in flames.

Sexual assault near high school in Clermont-Ferrand: ‘predator’ convicted

No one was injured as a result of the fires. Police officers from the Crime Squad were also on the scene. They detained five people suspected of organizing arson. The five men, aged between 17 and 31, were taken into custody.


Fuel theft in Saint-Bonnet-Trons

On Friday morning, March 25, the gendarmerie received a report of fuel theft in Saint-Bonnet-Trons. About 80 liters of gasoline were stolen from a tractor parked on a public highway. The Cérilly Brigades Community is responsible for the investigation.

Bicyclist seriously injured in Guaza

A 70-year-old pensioner who was driving this Friday, March 25 on the D105 highway, in Guiz, around 17:00 fell heavily on the road. With an open fracture of the forearm, he was taken to the Moulin hospital.


Two marked mobile radars

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, two radars regularly changing places between Jussac and Sahlins were marked with red paint. They should be cleaned soon. An investigation is open.

Bicycle and car collision

On Thursday, around 13:45, a 72-year-old cyclist and a car collided on the old Vic street in Aurillac. Aurillac firefighters took the cyclist to the Henri-Mondor hospital center with chest pain.

Two men arrested for stealing a bicycle in Aurillac

Around 4:00 pm on Thursday, municipal police patrol officers were surprised to see two men, one 53 and the other 23, fiddling around with a bicycle. The principle of operation is simple: the elder breaks the lock with pliers, and the younger leaves on a bicycle.

A man died from electrocution, a freight car burned down and several people were injured at the Valenciennes station.

The municipal police quickly arrested the two men, took them back to the police station: they admitted the facts, explaining that they had bought tools for the occasion after noticing the bicycle. In December, they will be summoned to the criminal court of Aurillac to appear after a preliminary confession of guilt.

Three hectares of brushwood are burning in Saint-Syrgues-de-Malbert.

On Thursday at about 4:15 p.m., firefighters received a call about a fire in Saint-Cyrgues-de-Malbert. It was supposed to start with clearing the forest and managed to cover 3 hectares of bush before the firefighters from Saint-Sernin, Aurillac and Saint-Martin-Valmer managed to delineate it.

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