Head of the project “Economist: Companies, Industries, Territories” of the Department of Economics

As an expert and forward-thinking body on major social and economic issues, accountable to the Prime Minister, France Strategie makes recommendations to the executive branch, organizes debates, consults and contributes to ex-post public policy evaluation.

Its organization revolves around 4 thematic departments: economics; Work, employment, skills; Society and social policy; Sustainable and digital development.

The work of France Strategy is carried out by a team of more than 40 permanent experts (economists, lawyers, engineers, sociologists, political scientists, etc.), supplemented by 15 scientific consultants.

Department of Economics

The main task of the Department of Economics is to analyze and make proposals on medium-term and long-term growth factors. It also plays a cross-cutting role in monitoring short-term economic issues and providing support on various topics addressed by France’s strategy. Thus, the team is primarily interested in structural growth policies (productivity, innovation policy, market regulation and taxation, competition policy, support for competitiveness, conditions for company growth) and their evaluation. With this in mind, the department combines macro- and microeconomic approaches. He mobilizes academic work, modeling, economic actors’ perspectives to support his analysis and recommendations.

The inter-ministerial nature of the France Strategy and its openness to a wide range of professional circles offer project managers numerous opportunities for future professional development within or outside the administration.

The position is open to citizens of the European Union and any foreigner with a work permit.

Position of the project manager “Economist: companies, industries, territories”

The project manager has three main tasks.

i/ Mission to participate in the French Strategy for Industry and Territories

The Project Manager will work on sectoral and cross-cutting issues related to the goals of economic sovereignty, reindustrialization, attractiveness, innovation and ecological transition. The territorial dimension of the analysis will often be a privileged aspect, especially in the context of work carried out in partnership with members of other divisions of France Strategy.

ii/ Mission to work on growth and finance for business and the economy.

To this end, the project leader conducts his own analysis and draws on the analysis of international organizations and other French institutions dealing with this issue in order to formulate recommendations on public policy, together with other project leaders of the department and other departments of France Strategy. He/she is actively involved in exchanges with other research centers in France and abroad, as well as with administrations and stakeholders.

iii/ Mission as rapporteur for the Capital Tax Reform Evaluation Committee. In collaboration with other committee rapporteurs,

  • he/she is responsible for the preparation and conduct of the plenary meetings of the committee, as well as the technical meetings organized within the framework of these plenary meetings;
  • he/she conducts analytical work to enrich committee meetings and contributes to the reporting of the monitoring committee. In this context, the project leader interacts with all stakeholders: committee members, French and international experts, cabinet ministers, representatives of administrations, social partners, representatives of civil society, companies, etc.;
  • he/she manages requests for research projects launched under this monitoring and evaluation committee;

The project manager is also encouraged to conduct their own research and publish policy briefs and working papers on a regular basis.

Seeking Skills

Higher education graduate, project manager has at least 5 years of professional experience (including a PhD where applicable) and sound economic skills, in particular good command of quantitative methods, analytical and synthesizing skills, writing and presentation skills. .

He/she has the ability to interpret, synthesize and evaluate results, in particular statistical and econometric, and demonstrates professional experience in an economic administration or training center.

He/she has excellent analytical skills, can work in an interdisciplinary environment and has a sense of teamwork and networking.

She/he may lead educational or research projects and organize various events aimed at presenting and discussing the assessment work.

Concerned about the quality of his writing and speaking, he/she can intervene at all stages of the project, from the definition of specifications to the presentation of the report, for which he/she provided mainly coordination and editing. .

She/he is interested in research work as well as operational research. Endowed with a creative spirit, he/she develops a strategic vision and the ability to offer and give advice. Doing research is a plus.

Fluency in English (reading/writing/speaking) is a must.


20 avenue de Segur, 75007 PARIS.

The position fills up very quickly.

Resume and cover letter must be sent to the following address:

As part of its Diversity and Equality Policy,
Learning France strategy, with equal skills, all applications, no discrimination

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