‘I had the autonomy of a two-year-old’: Actress Lucy Lucas (Clem) looks back on her depression.

Although she will be back on TF1 on March 28 with the new 12th season of Clem, actress Lucy Lucas has opened up about the deep depression she suffered a few years ago. An ordeal from which she barely got out.

Lucy Lucas agreed to return to this very difficult period for her in an interview with the InPower podcast hosted by influencer Louise Obery. “One day I started to unblock. I put my bag in the fridge. Adrian (his companion, ed.) said to me: “Can you make pasta for the kids?”, I stayed in front of the pan, I had no idea what I needed to do. I’m completely confused,” she explained.

Lucy Lucas causes “burnout” and, among other stressors, an overly busy professional life at the time, which could have contributed to her health condition. “I didn’t know anything else, I felt like an autonomous two-year-old. I had a lot of panic attacks, very strong, very impressive. When the seizure ended, I could not speak for several hours. Everything was very slow, it was very difficult to recover.” The young woman gets to the point where she wants to end it: “We have an idea that we should end this because we are no longer needed. We only disappoint the people we love,” she said.

But it was thanks to the support of her loved ones, as well as reflection and the fact that she left the agitation of Paris for the countryside, that she, according to her, finally managed to get out of this nightmare. A terrible period that deeply affected her children, Lila (b. August 2010), Moira (b. January 2012) and Milo (b. March 2018), who experienced “real suffering” at the same time as her . They didn’t understand why Mom was “too weird,” she explains, why she was “sleeping all the time.”

many injuries

In addition to the work and even the disappearance of a friend, actor Anton Yelchin, who died suddenly in an accident on June 19, 2016, the young woman endured severe trials that could insidiously fuel her discomfort for years. Lucy Lucas has indeed already shared several painful experiences to draw attention to the issues of sexual and domestic violence.

Last August, the actress shared a video made by Brutal about violence against women on her story, telling her own story. “It took me 5 years to get out of this devastating story,” she admitted. “I would like my daughters to see these testimonies when they are old enough to be in love, I would like the many men and women around me to see this testimonial and understand that a couple should never live in fear! Not only the fear of being hit, but also the emotional tyranny (…) I knew that my relationship as a couple was not “normal”; my girlfriends, my parents told me… but no one, neither I, nor they, nor he realized how varied and frequent the violence was in our couple.”

In 2019, Lucy Lucas also revisited sexual violence suffered at different stages of her life in a lengthy Instagram post on the occasion of the March Against Violence Against Women. From the boys she played football with who “put her in the toilet every day” and “made her keep her tongue in her mouth” to the boy “two years older” than her who she loved but who “raped her” . in her basement,” she openly spoke about these injuries, which can seriously affect physical and psychological health, even many years after the incident.

So it obviously took a lot of courage for the young woman to take her life back into her own hands.

Her resilience is something to be admired and fans of the Clem series will be thrilled to find her on March 28th on TF1 in the new Season 12 trailer here:

And for those who missed the previous season, Lucy Lucas offers a little follow-up flash session:

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