Macronist anxiety, Marion Maréchal’s shock formula … Campaign news this Friday

Can Marine Le Pen win? While the war seems to serve the outgoing president, a little music begins to play: Can Marine Le Pen win the presidential election? “The second round is likely to be much more open than we think”, announced even, according to France Info, member of Emmanuel Macron’s team.

If Emmanuel Macron is largely in the lead in the polls, his progress begins to recede. And Marine Le Pen, which has made purchasing power a priority, will see a similar result to 2017 when it faces direct competitor Eric Zemmour. The latter would even offer him a reserve of votes for the second round., and she could also count on some voters of Valerie Pecresse or even Jean-Luc Mélenchon. As Emmanuel Macon’s electorate leans more and more to the right, his supporters fear that the left-hand pass won’t work as well as it did in 2017. Moreover, she is very weak.

Is this a strategy for the Emmanuel Macron camp to remobilize its electorate? Perhaps, but Gérald Darmanin said on France 5 on Thursday evening:

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“I have always thought that Madame Le Pen, whom I have known since I have been in politics, is dangerous. This is for the President of the Republic. She can win this presidential election. »

Gerald Darmanin (Minister of Internal Affairs)

Declaration of the day

End of the month and end of France. France Inter guest Marion Maréchal stated that “most French people are concerned about both the end of the month and the end of France.” A way to restore the “end of the world and end of the month” formula born from the mismatch between environmental concerns and purchasing power. With this formula of shock, she reaffirms the primacy of the identity of her Reconquête! movement, while at the same time discarding the theme of purchasing power, which Eric Zemmour has so far neglected and which his aunt has made his main theme.

The former MP also returned to his departure from the RN, stating that it was not a “personal matter” but a concern for consistency. She also stated that in the event of a second round, Le Pen – Macron would vote for the RN candidate.

Today’s meetings

Marine Le Pen holds a meeting in Saint-Martin-Lacaussade (Gironde). Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Debout la France) will be in Nice with Florian Filippo (Patriotes) and Nathalie Artaud (Lutte Ouvrière) for a meeting in Rennes.

Article to read

Twenty years ago, Grandpa Voyse. Sitting in a hospital bed with bruises on his face, he cries. Her blouse fluttered on her thin body. On April 19, 2002, a television camera captured a close-up of the distress of 72-year-old Paul Voise after a racketeering attempt and an attack he suffered the previous day in a sensitive area of ​​Orléans where his house was burned down.

20 years ago, the attack on “Papy Voise” in Orleans, when the media and politicians were carried away, France was afraid

Friday at dawn Republic of the Center thus applies the facts in the first article. AFP prepares for noon and fires up the hellish media machine. TF1 arrives in the afternoon. From Paris to Orleans a good hour by car…
The report is broadcast at 8 pm Claire Chazal that same evening, a day and a half before the first round of the presidential election.

“I was very touched by this person, and this topic was done quite movingly. If it was a little more factual, perhaps it would not have made such an impression…” six months later, France Culture recognizes the TF1 journalist who did it.

Grandpa Voyse.

Too late, the images trigger a cycle of emotions. Nineteen times at LCI that day. France 2 misses the moment and goes into overdrive on Saturday. “Stupidity and barbarism are at the heart of this story that took place in Orleans,” announces presenter Beatrice Schoenberg. At the time, the 8:00 pm news drew between 12 and 18 million viewers on the two channels combined. These images fuel the representation of “insecurity” that was widely discussed during the presidential campaign.
Some socialist leaders even attribute their defeat to the over-mediatization of this isolated news report the day before the first round. Because 194,600 votes finally separated Jean-Marie Le Pen (FN) and Lionel Jospin.

Today’s media news

It’s not exactly “normal” for TF1 to spend an entire evening on a presidential election. The channels published their program for the first round of the presidential elections on 10 April. Channel One doesn’t seem to be in for a surprise, as TF1 has scheduled only 1:30 of the program, from 20:00 to 21:30.

in PRIME TIME really reserved for Jean-Marie Poiret’s big popular comedy The Visitors with Jean Reno and Christian Clavier. If such a format the first “for presidential elections, and not for other elections, including legislative ones”, said Thierry Thuillier, deputy general manager of the information department of the TF1 group. The channel does not refrain from looping its programs if the news requires it, she elaborates.

Read elsewhere

Where does populism come from? While the adjective “populist” is readily ascribed to individuals at the extreme ends of the political spectrum, from Marine Le Pen to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Emmanuel Macron knows how to handle it too, as evidenced by his formula. “I really want to annoy (the unvaccinated).” But where does populism come from? This concept has its roots in the 19th century, both in Russia and in the United States, Le Monde points out (you can read the article here).

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