MCCI denounces Sciences Po Aix – ID

The amount of €31,705 that the Aix-en-Provence Institute for Political Studies (Sciences Po Aix) was ordered (end of November 2021, ed) to pay to the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) has been increased to €100,037”, points out at the end of November the administrative court of appeal of Marseille. Thus, French justice considered that there really was a ” unilateral termination of partnership without prior notice (between Aix-en-Provence IEP and MCCI – editor’s note) and nearly tripled the amount owed to the Chamber of Commerce. The MCCI contested the amount of the initial compensation, which was decided at first instance by the Administrative Court (TA) of Marseille.
The Chamber of Mauritius actually claimed 115,469 euros from the Aix school in respect of expenses incurred in forming the partnership and 25,000 euros in non-pecuniary damages. But by a curious coincidence, his Marseille law firm, although well-known in the city of Marseille, simply “forgot” to send the most important invoice to the TA registry, despite the reminders of the MCCI…

Bachelor’s and Master’s in Political Studies

But how could the Aix-en-Provence IEP be sentenced to such a fine? In 2010 Mauritius launched its Knowledge Centre, a regional knowledge hub open to foreign universities. Two years later, Sciences Po Aix and MCCI signed a partnership allowing the latter to award a master’s degree (Bac+5), while Lycée La Bourdonnais was to open with Sciences Po Aix a bachelor’s degree in political studies (tray 3). ). The latter was available to holders of the General Baccalaureate in Mauritius, South Africa and the Indian Ocean, as well as holders of the British Higher School Certificate (HSC).
The lyceum was to accept 90 students over three years and the training had to be accredited by the Mauritius Higher Education Regulator (TEC). It is important to note that undergraduate admissions were made after examining application files and had to be announced by the commission, and not after a (difficult) entrance examination. After this Bac+3, students could complete a master’s degree from MCCI Business School, Chamber of Commerce Training School, in Corporate Governance, Human Relations, International Trade, or join another French school, or even join Science Po Aix.

Diplomas at a discount

But the decision would have angered six other policy research institutes. Claiming that students from Mauritius entered the school without competition, the IEPs of Lille, Lyon, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse at the end of September 2014 threatened to exclude Aix’s school from the general entrance examinations (these IEPs, in order to offer better clarity in their educational offerings , a general entrance exam is established). Taking advantage of the opportunity, Mediapart broadcasts the dissatisfaction of the IEP and students based in France. who talk about diplomas at a discount and without competition “The case then took on a political aspect in France because the then Minister of Education, Najat Vallot-Belcasem, intervened and took responsibility by denouncing these partnerships. But the case is very delicate, because, in addition to the criminal aspect, the decision of the international development of Sciences Po Aix is the decision of her board of directors, whose president is Christine Lagarde… However, at the time of the novel, she was the director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)…
In October 2014, faced with protests, Christian Duval, then director of Aix’s IEP, abruptly terminated the contracts allowing these diplomas to be issued with the “Sciences Po Maurice” seal. Under pressure, he resigned after a month. Then the Aix-en-Provence prosecutor’s office had to initiate a judicial investigation into ” forgery, use of forgery in public letters, and aggravated fraud “. The MCCI, considering itself a victim of this situation, was forced to go to court to defend its position. The reason was heard, the decision was confirmed by the Administrative Court of Appeal of Marseille.

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