our selection of films and series in audio description from March 26 to April 1

As every week, Télé-Loisirs offers you a program guide in audio description. This system consists of a voice-over describing the events taking place on the screen and allowing a blind or visually impaired viewer to understand what is going on outside of the dialogue. Depending on your box or the platform you are using, you must enable the audio description. As with subtitles for the hard of hearing, the operation can be tedious. Here are our recommendations from March 26 to April 1.

Best Audio Description Programs for Saturday March 26th

The Secret History of Carbon (Documentary, 20:50, Arte): Coal, oil, diamonds, plastic, atmosphere, vegetation, animals, carbon everywhere on Earth. But today, its overexploitation threatens the climate. The scientists interviewed express their passion for carbon, a key element of life on our planet.

Channel of Secrets (TV movie, 21:10, France 3): A brilliant Parisian commissioner is tasked with investigating the death of a woman whose husband is a judge. Filmed in the enchanting setting of the Midi Channel, this exciting investigation is led by the very lovely Anneliese Esme and Aurélien Wijk.

Top Audio Description Programs for Sunday March 27th

two me (Film, 21:10, TF1): In Paris, two thirty-somethings take stock of their lives by consulting a psychoanalyst. Cédric Klapisch uses an original point of view for a sweet but somewhat light character exploration.

Brokenwood (Episode, 00:20, France 3): Mike Shepard and Christine Sims investigate the death of Adele Stone, a golf club owner. A well-thought-out plot, a cute duet, but too restrained twists.

Top Audio Description Programs for Monday, March 28

Island of 30 coffins (Series, 21:10, France 2): The crucifixion of the former midwife and Father Favre’s clique against Christine anger the inhabitants, who are increasingly frightened. Full of unexpected twists and turns, a tense and dark third episode in which all the actors prove to be flawless.

Top Audio Description Programs for Tuesday, March 29

Nuclear energy: a solution for the planet? (Documentary, 20:50, Arte): Comparing the points of view of scientists and analyzing data from EDF, the Accounts Chamber or NGOs such as Greenpeace, this documentary covers all aspects of the issue and does not miss a moment from the gray areas.

Face to face (Series, 21:10, France 3): Announced the kidnapping of a 3-year-old child. Victor was undoubtedly abused, the investigation is directed at the possible role of the parents. Another stimulating confusion with moral and legal overtones.

Top Audio Description Programs for Wednesday, March 30

Boy (Film, 20:55, Arte): Separated from his much younger companion, the insufferable man overflows with love for their little son, whom he showers with gifts. A fair and touching drama about the duality of feelings with the amazing Gerard Depardieu.

Contact (TV movie, 2&h10, France 2): A divorced woman’s life is changed when her new boyfriend posts videos of their antics online shortly after their breakup. Inspired by true events, a poignant and wonderfully interpreted drama that strongly condemns cyberstalking.

Top Audio Description Programs for Thursday, March 31st

Shadow Killer: Death Is Blind (Series, 20:55, Arte): Peter, learning that Louise is the profiler who is looking for him, enters her house to study the file. The investigation is painful. The rapprochement between the murderer and Louise Bergstein, staged by the authors, causes discomfort in the viewer.

2 Alfred (Film, 20:58, Canal + Cinema): Separated from his wife and father of two small children, a fifty-year-old man finds a job at a startup. To keep him, he must hide his paternity. A gentle but appropriate satire on modern ways of communication.

Best Audio Description Programs for Friday April 1st

Melo (Film, 21:00, France 5): In 1926, the musician invites an old friend, a virtuoso violinist, to dinner. He introduces him to his wife… Taken from a tabloid play, a tragic marvelous d’état, superbly staged and with a wonderful cast of four.

Captain Marlo: The Burning Man (Series, 2&h10, France 2): Marlo investigates the death of a young barber poisoned by cyanide. Love letters put the captain on the director’s trail. A tasty investigation led by an incorrigible female police officer whose multiple answers are just as amusing.

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