SUTOM: French Wordle will be able to stay online, France Télévisions accepts the agreement

France Télévisions has approached the owner of SUTOM to change the name of their online game, which matches the code of the French game show MOTUS. In the absence of a contract, its owner explains to us that he preferred to do away with SUT.

Update from March 24 at 17:00: According to Le Parisien, France Télévisions would have decided to step back, abandoning the pursuit of the creator of SUTOM and reuniting with him to ” find an agreement “. Contacted, the group confirmed this information to us.

The concerned developer himself then reported that Sutom ” will remain[it] in line. “.

Original post: It is a daily pleasure for hundreds of thousands of French men and women, which unfortunately will end this Friday, March 25, 2022. Jonathan, the developer behind the online game SUTOM, has announced that he is going to shut it down after two months of waiting. commissioning.

SUTOM was launched last January thanks to the success of the English online game Wordle. The concept is very simple: Internet users have six attempts to guess the word every day. As soon as the word is found, you will have to wait 24 hours for a new literate riddle.

The concept is not innovative, because the television program exists in exactly the same way: it is called Motusself adapted from the US version jargon since 1987. Motus aired almost daily on France 2 between 1992 and 2019, garnering a large following. The goal is to find pairs of 7-letter words in a maximum of six attempts per word. If the show is no longer airing on linear TV, it will still be available on VOD in 2022.

SUTOM website announces closure on March 24, 2022 // Source: Sutom

France Télévisions asks SUTOM not to use this name

Therefore, France Télévisions, which owns the brand, sent an email to Jonathan as the owner of the site on March 11th. “ I have received a letter from a France Télévisions lawyer asking me not to use the word SUTOM again within 15 days. The community group is leaning on an article in the intellectual property code to demand the drop of a name that is too close to Motus – it’s really the same word spelled backwards.

Jonathan did try to negotiate with France Télévisions to get the right to keep the name, but the band refused. ” I could just change my name “, he thinks, but there is a whole job of renaming the site. I would change the address, but would a redirect be enough? Indeed, the current site is called and therefore contains the word “sutom” in its URL.

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What are the alternatives to Sutom?  // Source: Tusmo

In fact, the game SUTOM includes even more than the name Motus, and Jonathan is well aware of this: “ There is a graphic charter, colors, even some sounds… The 30-year-old developer was worried about the need, in the endchange his whole game. For a volunteer who does not earn money from his project, this would be a great investment of time and energy.

But Jonathan looks at things with more calmness and benevolence: ” This is a good project that is very popular. At first I did it for personal pleasure and the fact that it worked is a bonus. And then, I didn’t necessarily want to invest in a lawyer.»

On the phone, he still remembers the many messages he received from anonymous people congratulating him on his project: ” People who play in class with their students, others who have whatsapp groups to share their grids with their families.… »

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Adolfo Felix on Unsplash

Congratulations should continue given the popularity of the tweet Jonathan posted on March 24, 2022 announcing the closure of SUTOM. Within an hour, he had already reached 2,000 shares. Although he doesn’t have exact data on the number of players who play the game daily, Jonathan nonetheless shares some amazing information with us: his site has about 275,000 daily visitors, which is a very, very large number of Internet users for a small free site like this one.

Thus, there are only two games left for SUTOM lovers: this Thursday and the last one, on Friday, March 25, 2022. A small spoiler: the very last word will not be chosen by random draw, as usual, but by hand chosen by Jonathan.

France Télévisions was contacted recently prior to the publication of this article, but has not yet been able to respond to our request. We will update this article if there is a return.

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