TERRE D’ARGANCE These actors who bring cinema to life

After two years of absence, the school’s film festival has revived, with around sixty screenings scheduled on and outside the Terre d’Argens, as Tarasconnet’s students are fully integrated into the event.

During the screening of Peel, Wednesday, March 23rd, at the Fourques. From left to right: Jean-Philippe Marin, Director of Cinéplan, Lilly Dos Santos, Head of Youth Audience at Itinérances Festival, Ludovic Duplissy, President of Les Têtes à Clap Association, Karim Giyati, Director of Occitanie Films, and Jean-Michel Azema. , First Deputy Mayor of Furka. (Photo: S.Ma/ObjectifGard)

This festival, which spawned the Beaucaire association Les Têtes à Clap 17 years ago, is organized in partnership with the Itinérances d’Alès festival. Over the years, its program has expanded, and the number of places for screenings has increased. ” The goal is to awaken the taste and desire to go to the cinema in the smallest and teach them how to behave in the cinema. It is also an opportunity to make cinema accessible to everyone.“Explains Ludovic Dupplissy, President of the Beaucair Association, accompanied by Lilly Dos Santos, Alesian Young Audience Manager. An animated film was shown to a full house at Les 2 Rhônes in Fourka on Wednesday heap, directed by Julien Fournet and produced by the Toulouse company TAT Productions. Together with them, a third actor was invited to the stage, this is Karim Giyati, director of the film and audiovisual agency Occitanie Films.

Beneficial to the public due to its strength and diversity of offerings, this tripartite partnership is also beneficial to film professionals. ” We are the second region of France in terms of the number of shooting days, i.е. 3100 last year. Of course daily – series such a big sun, tomorrow belongs to us as well as This is where it all starts Tours in Montpellier, Sète and Saint-Laurent d’Aiguz, editor’s note – are an important part. But also 43 films (feature and documentary) were filmed in the region.”says filmmaker Occitanie.

The Toulouse association La Ménagerie introduced the pupils of the Puech-Cabrier school in Beaucaire to the technique of slow motion. (Photo: S.Ma/ObjectifGard)

This enthusiasm can be attributed to three reasons: the financial support of the region (4.7 million euros in 2021), the diversity of the kits and the presence of a team of technical specialists on site. In 2021, more than 1,700 technicians worked on various shoots in Occitania, with an estimated economic impact of 80 million euros. Numbers that impose, but force them to develop further” work carried out by associations “, such as Les Têtes à Clap, ” is an important asset in order to bring these films to life, so that people know that Occitania is a film-loving region, that it is not just a matter of money. »

Another school film festival. Children become not only spectators but also actors in workshops like those organized this Thursday, March 24, at the Puech-Cabrier School in Beaucaire. 24 CM2 students from the institution run by Ludovic Dupplissy were introduced to the technique of slow motion by Joanna, Estelle, Sebastian and Marc from the association La Ménagerie de Toulouse.

The scenes recorded at the Bocairois school will be part of a video created for the Itinérances festival in Ales. (Photo: S.Ma/ObjectifGard)

During the day, they actively participated in the process of creating an animated film, first processing paper cuts, and then acting in front of the camera as actors. The schoolchildren were not asked to play the game. These episodes, recorded in Beaucaire, will be included in a clip scheduled to be broadcast in Ales as part of the Itinérances festival next week. It will also be published on www.lamenagerie.com in about ten days and will be shown on the big screen just before the show. Twist in Bamako (March 31 at CGR in Nimes and April 1 at Rex in Tarascon) and full review (April 2 at CGR in Nimes and at Rex in Tarascon) organized by Têtes à Clap in the presence of the actor Ahmed Drame. The 2022 School Film Festival will end on April 5th.

Stephanie Marin

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