The elected officials of Saint-Flour co (Cantal) are planning a reasonable budget for 2022, taking into account the national and international context.

Caution is the mother of safety. More than ever, the adage was relevant Wednesday night for the elected representatives of the Saint-Flour community who were working on the 2022 budget guidelines, a necessary step ahead of the budget vote. Because after an unprecedented health crisis that severely weakened the economy, the war in Ukraine will affect the cost of energy and raw materials, which will already affect the finances of society.

While not forgetting the “large inflationary context announced between 3.7% and 4.4%”, as emphasized by President Celine Charriot, well above the expected level of 1.5%, as well as the announced reduction in the distribution of intercommunal spending by about 24 000 euros.

Investment level is maintained

However, the goal is to “support the economic recovery and preserve the purchasing power of residents and the quality of services.” Thus, the elected officials decided (55 votes in favour, 13 abstentions) “not to touch the taxation”, “keep the investment rate at the level of 1.5 million euros per year, support businesses and households”, “continue to implement the Law for 2021-2026 “. territory project”, “limit the growth of operating costs to 1.2% per year” and “complete the undertaken equipment operations (development of the inter-municipal PLU, development of the Belvedere and surroundings of the CIAP / maison de l’habitat and the construction of an indoor tennis center and outdoor courts)” .

Tax rate, debt … what to remember from the budget orientation of Saint-Flour (Cantal)

Although Philippe Delors, the mayor of Saint-Flour, ensured “the separation of most of the budget lines presented”, he however regretted that the fixed revaluation of the tax base (housing tax, real estate tax on built properties and on undeveloped properties) was maintained. +3.4% for both businesses and households (up from 0.2% in 2021).

“We regret,” he said on behalf of Sanflora elected officials, “that no way was found to save money,” as they did Monday night in the city council, voting to cut rates to offset rising bases. “We don’t want to go that far,” Celine Charriot replied, preferring to prioritize prices for services to residents.

Additional budgets affected by the crisis

Twenty-four supplementary budgets were then presented and their budgetary principles were voted on by 57 votes with 11 abstentions. But Jean-Luc Perrin (Saint-Flour) pointed to the “financial imbalance” of the water sports center (810,000 euros), the cutting workshops in Pierrefort on the one hand, and Camiol on the other (110,000 euros), as well as educational and artistic distribution and public reading (€715,000) with a total deficit of €1.6 million.

“These are structurally significant projected disparities,” admitted Céline Sharrio, “but since we have chosen to pay out of the administrative account in 2021 only what we need to balance budgets, 2022 will not benefit from the carry-over surplus.”

The Community of Saint-Flour (Cantal) reviews the 2021 administrative accounts before working on the 2022 budget.

And to recall that the audits carried out at the water entertainment center and the arts education center allowed “to identify areas that will be explored for 2022 to optimize the operating costs for these services, which are necessary for our residents.”

Thus, the opening at the end of June of new health and fitness areas in the water entertainment center will restore attendance similar to the pre-crisis level, and measures to reduce electricity bills will be implemented.

Mobility, a comprehensive program of action

As of July 1, the region has competence for mobility within Saint-Flour’s premises under a delegation of authority agreement. But Comcom wishes, as part of its territory appeal strategy, to develop a simplified mobility plan to continue its activities related to this issue, such as a driver’s license assistance device or an electric rental service. bicycles and means of their acquisition.

He also wishes to develop his partnerships for greater solidarity mobility and the launch of new services such as the snow bus experiment between Saint-Flour, Polack and Col de Prat de Bouc in the winter season 2023. Finally, he wishes to think about the structure its proposal for parking and driving and car sharing, the awareness-raising activities to be implemented and the development of its Mouv’Pass service.

Comcom will also apply for an “AVELO 2” competition for projects led by ADEME that will, among other things, complete a cycle tourism route in the Troyère Valley linking Saint-Flour, Chaudes-Aigues and Pierrefort.

Isabelle Barnerias

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