The Witcher’s ‘new’ school confirms it pissed off fans

After the production announcement The Witcher 4CDProjekt RED has confirmed which school will be awarded, and the idea didn’t really come from the studio.

barely opens up The Witcher 4 (due to the lack of an official name) is already starting to give some fans the chills. If the return of the saga was received quite well by the public, then the only image published by the Polish studio CDProjekt RED has already caused a lot of controversy. This official illustration features a Witcher medallion featuring a cat that has fallen into the snow and a mention of the unique “A new saga begins“very little evidence.

Who will be the hero The Witcher 4 ? When will there be action? Ciri or not Ciri? All these questions will not find answers for very long months. But the question has already been answered, and this question did not satisfy part of the fan base at all, due to the abuse of CDProjekt RED’s position in relation to its fan base.

FROMwill she be a part of it?

During an informal interview with Eurogamer journalist Robert Perchese, Robert Malinowski, President of Global Communications for CDProjekt RED, confirmed which school the medallion in the image posted a few days ago belongs to. Contrary to some estimates, this is not the Cat Ciri medallion, but“new” school of witchers :”Okay, some puzzles aren’t supposed to be so cryptic. I can confirm that the medallion is indeed lynx shape“.

Whoever says “new school” says that a new structure needs to be discovered, new rites to be discovered and, above all, a whole new gallery of characters. Owl. Surprising announcement, because Lynx School does not exist in canon Witcher, Not in books or video games. But the unpleasant moment is that this school is not such a new creation as this one. The only appearance of this Witcher faction comes from fanfiction. published on The Witcher Fandom Wiki and written by two authors under the pseudonyms Witcher190 and SMiki55.

The Witcher: A New Saga Begins: Lynx SchoolIOfficial image on the left, Lynx’s fan-made medallion on the right

The dissatisfaction of a part of the fan base is due to the fact that no one knows if CDProjekt was inspired by this fanfic, whether the studio decided to include it in the canon of the Witcher saga, or whether it will be an outright plunder of fan work. At the moment, neither the authors of the fanfiction speak about this, nor the Polish studio.

After the misadventures of the studio with Cyberpunk 2077 and numerous setbacks related to allegations of toxic management, CDPR did not need to start this new project with a scandal. And yet the signs do not seem the most positive. It’s hard to imagine that this could be pure coincidence, and if CDPR starts to canonize some fanfiction on a whim, it could end up with a mess in the lore of the saga.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: PicturesIAmber can return?

Going back to history, if CDPR takes the aforementioned fanfiction about the creation of this school as a basis, the news goes back to its origins, attributing them to Lambert and Kira Metz, two figures well known to fans of the License. Witcher. The School of the Lynx had to be founded on the ruins of the School of the Cat in order to restore its coat of arms:

“The school as such was born out of a short discussion between other members of the School of the Cat, Lambert and Keira Metz, who, after a chance meeting, decided to join forces […]. Lambert’s motives were clear: to honor his friend Aiden and ensure his legacy is preserved. After this discussion, the other members of the School of the Cat made him the leader and Lambert had an idea and decided to reform the School. This reform was the third and most radical, turning the School of the Cat into the School of the Lynx.”

Hence, this will place the action of this new game Witcher long after the events The Witcher 3, no doubt after 1300, according to the chronology of the novels and games, and possibly on the New Continent, as explained in the fanfics. Items that require confirmation from CDPR. No release date announced at this time The Witcher 4.

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