War in Ukraine: news of the week to remember

A week after the start of the Russian offensive, fighting in a divided Ukraine has doubled. Major cities are still under serious threat, and the Russian army continues to advance despite heavy losses… Problems.


War in Ukraine: The West wants to make Putin waver. Faced with stronger-than-expected Ukrainian resistance, Vladimir Putin outdid it and announced on Sunday, February 27, that he had put Russia’s nuclear “deterrent force” on alert. In response, the West on Monday 28 unleashed a powerful arsenal of sanctions on the Kremlin. The United States and the European Union, in particular, have announced that they will freeze assets held by the Russian central bank outside of Russia.

War in Ukraine at the heart of Joe Biden’s address to the US Congress. New sanctions against Moscow, promises of an alliance between conservatives and progressives, Putin’s “dictator”… Tuesday 1uh In March 2022, Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address. A simple annual rite of passage for American politics, the Ukraine crisis shuffled the cards, making this performance a historic event.

Despite Ukraine, Macron is preparing his candidacy. “Your affection for liberty, equality, fraternity, France’s place in the world. I will never stop protecting them and glorifying them on your behalf,” Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday, March 2, in a televised address. If the president has a significant lead over his rivals in the 2022 presidential election, the war in Ukraine has delayed his candidacy.

“The war in Ukraine is transforming the global economy”. The war in Ukraine shakes the markets and the global economy. Inflation is likely to pick up again. Since the beginning of the Russian offensive, there has been a trend towards rising prices for oil, gas and even wheat.

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450 million euros of weapons. Four days after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen announced that the European Union was buying arms worth 450 million euros in favor of Ukraine. European defense has definitely taken off? “In the minds of European states, NATO, not the EU, remains the provider of military security for the continent,” emphasizes Joseph Enrotin, a researcher at the Center for Analysis and Forecasting International Risks (Capri).


Macron flies, Pekress falls. The war in Ukraine makes a sensational entry in the presidential campaign. And it is Emmanuel Macron who reaps all the benefits, gaining 27% of the intention vote in the first round. Valerie Pekress, the Republican candidate, picks up the phone. Marine Le Pen of the National Rally holds while Zemmour retreats.


Danone is not going to leave Russia. While some foreign companies announced on Thursday, March 3, 2022, that they are leaving Russia, one of the top three players in the country’s food industry intends to continue its activities. How to secure 1,000 Ukrainian employees and at the same time reassure 8,000 Russian employees? Danone’s sales in Russia amounted to 5% of its turnover in 2021.


The mystery of Russia Today’s ban in France. Deny Arcom Approved Network (ex-CSA)? If Jean-Yves Le Drian, boss of the Quai d’Orsay, promised an imminent antenna shutdown on February 28, 2022, only Arcom has the right to ban RT France from broadcasting. However, the cutting of RT France’s antenna does not prevent it from continuing to broadcast online.


Hackers interfere in the Ukrainian conflict. Attacks on ministries, phishing campaigns… Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the number of malicious activities has increased. The hackers are participating in a battle orchestrated by the Kremlin to destabilize the country. Kyiv has announced the creation of its own digital army and calls on all competent hackers to join its cyber patrol.

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