Albi: After killing a cyclist, he fled and set fire to his car

On March 8, 2019, a cyclist was mowed down to death on the Albi ring road. The driver fled and set fire to his car. He was arrested 2 months after the events. The court sentenced him on Thursday, March 24, to 4 years in prison, 1 of which is suspended on probation.

He killed a man who was cycling on the Albi bypass on the night of March 8-9, 2019 in the middle of the night. The 29-year-old young man, who appeared on Thursday, March 24, is under investigation on charges of manslaughter. What is shocking in this road drama is, first of all, the attitude of the defendant after the accident.

That night, the police are on the ring road to prevent an accident in the direction of Rodez-Toulouse. Suddenly, they hear a “major noise and impact” and see a body on the other lane thrown into the air, “dismembered” as they say. The car had just hit a cyclist from behind and braked on the side before pulling away. The second car pulls up behind and rolls the body lying on the road. The driver stops in shock.

Car found burned

Along the way, investigators will find the Peugeot logo. It was at night that a completely burnt car was found a few kilometers from the accident site, in Lescure-d’Albijoie. The crest is gone, the hood shows the marks of a strong blow. Police are confident they have found the driver’s car. They manage to identify him. He discovers that at 4:00 am on the day of the accident, a young man they suspect went to the emergency room of the Claude Bernard Clinic with severe facial burns. They have little doubt left, and they interrogate the defendant two months after the events.

“Why did you run away? the court asked. “I was in a panic, in a daze,” another justifies. The president wants to know if he knows he just hit a man. “No, I thought it was debris or an animal.” So why run away? Why burn his car? His explanations do not convince anyone. “You didn’t read the press, didn’t listen to the radio to find out if there was a tragedy? “I didn’t see anything,” he scolds again. However, the accident was well communicated at the time. “Perhaps you have been drinking alcohol? Drugs? “No, no, just a joint in the morning,” he concedes.

“You knew you killed someone!” »

“We are told that the defendant has taken the ‘path of truth’. I don’t have that impression. For me there are many lies and untruths. You escaped pre-trial detention and yet you failed to comply with your judicial control. In your case, there are 3 reports of incidents, ”the prosecutor is indignant. He warns him: “I hope you have the courage to stay in this courtroom during the deliberations, because I am going to demand jail time with a crime warrant. You explain that you thought you hit the wreckage that night, but who are we kidding. Of course you knew you killed someone!” He claims to be sentenced to 4 years in prison, including 6 months on probation and with immediate effect on the custody order.

The victim was 35 years old. He spent the evening at a friend’s house and took a bicycle to “eat”. It didn’t have any reflectors or a bike light. He used a lot of drugs and should not be on the ring road, especially in the middle of the night. Without suppressing the victim, Me Gosset for protection reminds of the lack of visibility. “It could have been anyone. If my client hadn’t hit the cyclist, the car following him would have turned the victim over.”

Thirty minutes after leaving for the meeting, the court issued a decision. “We think you were trying to hide part of the truth.” He was sentenced to 4 years in prison, including 1 year of probation, with a suspended warrant. “You can go home tonight, but the date will be given to you. On the same day, you will have to go to the pre-trial detention center to be imprisoned.”

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