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In the next few days, the US Secretary of State will visit Algeria as part of a tour that will take him to Israel, the West Bank, and then Morocco.

During his stay in Algiers, which will take place at the end of his tour, which will begin from today until March 30, the head of American diplomacy will be received by his colleague Ramtan Lamamra and head of state Abdelmajid Tebbun. to the State Department. Current issues, including gas supplies to Europe, the war in Ukraine and, of course, the crisis in Western Sahara, will be on the menu of his discussions with Algerian leaders. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict will also be discussed.

During this tour, the US Secretary of State will discuss “the war the Russian government is waging in Ukraine, which is destabilizing Iran’s activities,” or even “agreements to normalize relations with Israel, relations between Israelis and Palestinians, and maintaining the possibility of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” the statement says. State Department statement.

In North Africa, the head of American diplomacy, for whom this is the second personal visit after a visit in 2016 as assistant secretary of state and his then boss John Kerry, who came to Algeria in 2014 as part of the election campaign, will certainly address the pressing issue of Western Sahara. After a neutrality that will last for forty years, the former administration of Donald Trump has shown support for the Moroccan autonomy plan in exchange for normalizing relations between our western neighbor and Israel.

Mutic for more than a year, the Biden administration confirmed last week that its stance on the Sahara issue has “no change” from that of the Republican president. A position that US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman avoided making clear during her visit to Algiers on March 9 and 10. “During the meeting with President Tebbun, the two dignitaries discussed several issues, including ways to expand economic cooperation, regional security issues and international developments.”

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman also co-chaired the Fifth US-Algerian Strategic Dialogue with Foreign Secretary Ramtan Lamamra. “They agreed on the importance of promoting regional stability, including supporting ongoing UN-led diplomatic efforts on the issue of Western Sahara,” the US Embassy in Algiers said in a statement.

In addition to this issue, the US official is likely to ask the Algerian authorities to support US efforts to provide more gas to Europeans seeking to break free from dependence on Russian gas. Blinken will also touch on counterterrorism in the Sahel, a region where the Americans have deployed intelligence units to support French and African troops fighting terrorist groups.

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