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There are eight rounds in the Coupe de France Femmes program this season, and the first of them is played this Sunday in Guegon (see full program here). A very strong peloton of over 200 units is expected at the Breton tournament. It is difficult to imagine any scenario under these conditions. It’s also not easy to guess the right strategy to stand out. “It will be quite a nervous race, there will be a lot of people at the start. There will be big names. I think there will be a removal from behind”, says Lea Pitar. His team Lanester Bretagne Sud this Sunday intends to play different cards. “In particular, we will have Enora Auger or Emily Jammet. Even if there is not much height, I see how the girl finishes alone, strong, or I see how a small group plays to win the sprint. You have to pay attention to the placement so as not to miss the right frame.continues Mayennez, who works in the agro-food laboratory in three shifts. 7th place in Poiret-sur-Vi on the Vanden circuit, the 22-year-old tells himself. “Surprised by her condition because I didn’t think I would be this good from the start. But I hope to continue this momentum”.

Victoire Joncheret, for her part, excelled several times in the Coupe de France N2 last year, finishing in the top ten in the Morteau and in the top ten in the Mirabelle Classic. “I continued on to Boucle-de-Saint-et-Marne in the rain. It was terrible with the cold, but at least it was the first warm-up. I am well prepared and can’t wait to see where I am. It’s not an end in itself, to be honest, but for many, it’s a return to school that should allow them to find out where they are in the hierarchy and see what we still need to improve in the coming weeks.”. A 27-year-old athlete who works as an artistic director in an agency, while riding a bicycle, imagines the ring “Not very annoying, which should favor sprinters. We could play Manon (Director), but we still have to be mindful of all possibilities and see what’s best at the end of the race. We know that points count in Coupe de France.”, launches member of the UVCA Troyes, new to the team this season. Originally a mountain biker, Savoyard, originally from Annecy but now based in Lyon, still considers himself “newbie” on the road after done “a lot of tactical nonsense” last year for his debut with the Elites. “I am gradually creating a project dedicated to cycling. No stress, but I want to try “assures the one who accompanied paratriathlete Annuk Kurzillat, medalist of the Tokyo Games last year, for two years.


This Sunday, Balladine Treach will be able to rely less on the collective strength of their sports group. Indeed, the Tornatech GSC Blagnac team has only three girls in this first round of Coupe de France. “There are also Cindy (Pomares) and Celia (Le Muel) who will be practically at home. We came to win, but we understand that at three o’clock it will not be easy, there are so many people! You must run smart. When I see the number of entries, it’s exceptional and impressive. It reminds me of Spanish racing. Accommodation will be more important than ever.”. Biotechnology Engineer, Alsacienne – now based in Bordeaux – “I think I can reach a good peak of form quite quickly after a big training cycle during the winter, even if the big goals are further away, especially with the French championship against time trials.”. She will have “revenge” after being hit by a motorcycle last year.

Among the girls to look out for, we should not forget about Chloe Schoenenberger. The Occitane CF sprinter started the season very confidently. Médérel Trophy stage winner, 3rd in Poiré-sur-Vie at the Circuit des Plages Vendéennes and again 3rd in Boucles de Seine-et-Marne earlier in the year, she is in great shape. “In Gegon it could be the same style of racing that we’ve seen so far, so that’s what I’m interested in. On the other hand, there will be a lot of us at the start, and in this sense, it may not be the same lemonade.”balances a resident of Revel (Haute-Garonne), who grew up near Perpignan, in the Eastern Pyrenees. “I was hoping to start well, but it’s true that this is the first year that things really start to work the way I wanted. And this is good! Hope it can last”. Chloe Schoenenberger connects her current results, in particular, with a change of team and greater self-confidence. “This is just my third season on the bike. I have the opportunity to take part in many races at a good level, and this helps you to progress.”, adds someone who works in the research and development sector, in the office, in the specific field of nutritional supplements. With such an impressive peloton at the start, not everyone will be able to excel in Gegon. But a surprise is not ruled out for those who find how to make a place for themselves.

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