Elden Ring: Tunic, Zelda Breath of the Wild… 8 Games You’ll Love After Latest FromSoftware

Game news Elden Ring: Tunic, Zelda Breath of the Wild… 8 Games You’ll Love After Latest FromSoftware

It’s been a month since the release of Elden Ring and more than one player is starting to see the end of FromSoftware’s new nugget. And even if the adventure was difficult or outstanding (usually both), it will soon be time to move on. To help you bounce back from Elden Ring Blues, here are a few games that have more than one thing in common with the now-famous open world.


Tunic is an adventure puzzle game developed by Andrew Shouldice – despite the colorful and very cute atmosphere of Zelda, it will not do you any good. Like Elden Ring, the game relies on breathtaking exploration and challenging combat, inspired by Dark Souls. Here, in order to hope to survive in a hostile and mysterious world, you will have to read the gestures of the enemy and carefully monitor your stamina. Otherwise, it will return to the last activated checkpoint (analogous to campfires in the famous FromSoftware series). But Tunic is so much more. For research, it remains unclear which direction to take, leaving behind some clues in a paper manual directly integrated into the game, the pages of which you will have to find. With its isometric 3D, of course, we are moving away from Elden Ring, but there is still something of this taste. Not forgetting the thousand and one secrets to be discovered.

  • Platforms : PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series (including Game Pass)

ZELDA Breath of the Wild

When Elden Ring came out, many players were pleasantly surprised – and perhaps completely dumbfounded – by the structure of the open world. There are no sights here, a very blurry map and mostly eye driven exploration. Open world philosophy, very reminiscent of Zelda Breath of the Wild.. When it was released in March 2017, it’s just that the Nintendo game redefined the genre in a way, bringing back its noble letters to the term “adventure”. Like Elden Ring, the world to explore is huge and the player can approach it from either end. Head into crypts, obligatory dungeons, or get lost in nature, then come back stronger. Note that Breath of the Wild also includes challenging combat, but based on resourcefulness rather than a set of weapons and armor that takes hours to upgrade.

  • Platforms : Switch, Wii U


Shadow of the Colossus is a lot further from Elden Ring than the last two games and is another candidate to take this choice seriously. The software, developed by the famous Team Ico team and originally released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2 (it was remade in 2018 for PS4), makes us embody Wander, a lone hero whose mission is to wake up a princess who has been captivated by a spell. A real story on paper. Indeed, in order to get there, the young man will have to defeat huge colossi, but they are actually living beings, whose death will always be heartbreaking. In addition to their topics Shadow of the Colossus especially shares its penchant for excess with Elden Ring., be it monsters confusing ruins. We feel overwhelmed by the landscapes that surround us. Sign of great titles.

  • Platforms : PS2, PS3, PS4


In a genre much more “action-adventure” than “action-RPG”, you’ve probably heard of Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch’s (Infamous, Sly Cooper) studio’s latest major project, released in 2020 on PlayStation 4 and next year on PlayStation 5 By the way, the game still shares some similarities with Elden Ring, in particular gaze-based exploration and challenging fights. Obviously, these two titles are more distant relatives than real twins. In Ghost of Tsushima, the player takes on the role of Jin Sakai, a samurai from the island of Tsushima who must defend his island from Mongol invaders. But the enemy turns out to be much more powerful than expected, and our hero must give up his faith, no matter how important it may be, in order to weigh the scales. More specifically, it will take the form of new fighting techniques. In any case, the challenge will be related to counter-based gameplay, enemies that can surround you.


Now we’re moving on to more “classic” games that don’t necessarily follow the open-world structure of Elden Ring, but share similarities with the latter. And in a Souls-like genre (overtly Dark Souls-inspired), we recently saw the arrival of Cold Symmetry’s Mortal Shell. The atmosphere is as exciting and full of mystery as in Elden Ring. with a rather original central idea. The player embodies not directly a hero – a warrior, a thief – but a creature capable of taking possession of the fallen characters. All this allows you to use various abilities and gradually develop in a very hostile world. A little originality, when your life bar drops to zero, you will not die immediately. At this point, the creature leaves the body of the one it occupies, leaving you vulnerable.

  • Platforms : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series (including Game Pass)

NION 1 and 2

With the same idea two Niohs will satisfy you in terms of difficulty, but completely different from Elden Ring. There is no open world here, but still there is a world map where you can explore secondary levels and better arm yourself for mandatory passages. The Nioh saga developed by Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy Origin Stranger of Paradise) is based on a much faster gameplay than the main FromSoftware games, but based on the same logic. Namely, endurance, evasion and reading enemy gestures are of great importance. The second installment, Nioh 2, even adds a bit of a fantasy twist with the ability to summon demon powers. Everything is useful for confronting the boss or mastering new tricks. Two great games available in the collection on PS5.

  • Platforms : PC, PS4, PS5


Of course, how can you tell about the games if you enjoyed Elden Ring without mentioning the titles of the same studio, namely FromSoftware. Like Nio, Bloodborne is kind of an iteration of Dark Souls, but more dynamic. with the added bonus of a world that’s even a little darker than usual. Here, dark fantasy mixes with Lovecraft’s works, creating an unhealthy and exotic atmosphere. In terms of gameplay, it’s something else again, as From Software mixes blades with firearms capable of interrupting an opponent’s attack to unleash a powerful finishing move, a bit like a parade in Dark Souls. Finally, the last detail that matters: in Bloodborne, you can restore some of the life lost in combat by quickly attacking after being hit. Enough to encourage even more hand-to-hand combat. A title that still strikes like never before.


Finally, we end with the obvious, that is games without which Elden Ring would never have seen the light of day, namely the Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls sagas, which also received a wonderful remake in 2020 on PS5. It was with the latest that FromSoftware confirmed its gameplay as well as its particular level design before convincing the whole world of Dark Souls. Especially since, like Elden Ring, it’s a kind of interconnected open world where the player can take a different route from the start than the one usually recommended. In both series, you will find the same know-how regarding enemy animations and gestures, the same wealth of weapons and approaches, while not forgetting the intricate levels with many shortcuts. However, be careful, it is impossible to explore the vast universe here in order to return much stronger later.

  • Platforms : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch

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