François Busnel will be at the Ester Grand Ecran cinema in Limoges on Sunday.

Animator and journalist Francois Busnel took his first steps in cinema. On Sunday at 16:15 at the Grand Ecran Ester cinema in Limoges, he will present his first feature film. Together with Arno Soland, co-author of this documentary, he pays tribute to Jim Harrison, a monument to American literature. Entitled Only the earth is eternalthis film sounds like a hymn to nature.

Reunion with the wild world

“He invites us to reconnect with the wild world through the eyes of an author who, in my opinion, is the most important modern American writer. In any case, it was he who impressed me the most and whose books can help those who read them. I wanted to share what I learned by reading it and what I discovered thanks to it,” admits Francois Busnel.

The story is simple. “Man returns home to the very heart of nature. He talks about his life, which he burned at both ends and which reveals a different history of America. With this spiritual and joyful testament, Harrisson encourages us to return to our roots and live in harmony with nature.

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Harrison, who died in 2016, was born in 1937 in Grayling, Michigan. His first influences are Arthur Rimbaud, Richard Wright and Walt Whitman. He then studied a variety of English language poets, including W. B. Yeats, Dylan Thomas, Robert Bligh, and Robert Duncan.

Fascinated by the poetry of the French Symbolists, by Russian authors, this great admirer of René Char calls Georgy Ivanov, Vladimir Mayakovsky, the German Renier Maria Rilke and the Chinese poetry of the Tang Dynasty into his intimate Pantheon.

Filmed shortly after the writer’s death, this testament film shows Jim Harrison’s full commitment. “We finished the first part of filming in the late summer of 2015 and agreed to meet again in early spring because I wanted to capture the moment when the snow melts on the Northern Peninsula, which is one of the least touristy places in the United States, which he wrote about a lot. He died on March 26, 2016, two weeks before filming resumed,” says François Busnel.

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