Gent-Wevelgem: second front of discovery for Les Bleues – News

After the Alfredo Bind Trophy, Gent-Wevelgem will celebrate the second meeting of the Women’s Junior Nations Cup this Sunday in Belgium. The opportunity for the new coach to test the maximum of the girls from the Belgian front will be completely different from the one that was leveled in Italy. “This is the goal of our educational work: we want to introduce as many girls as possible to the highest level. This way we will be able to build the most effective group throughout the season.”. Emilian Bro does not want to ask for mountains and miracles from the tricolor team for this meeting, even if you obviously cannot refuse a good surprise. “This race has a nice little history with famous winners on the roster who have since made their careers in the elite. I expect girls first of all to learn and build a group so they get themselves up and running before the end of the season. And most importantly, I don’t want them to have any regrets after the race. We will not necessarily have a target result, because for most of them it will be the first in the Nations Cup. Learning will be the slogan.


Among the girls present at the national preselection, we find, in particular, Elin Roussel. “I can’t wait to discover all of this! Wearing the France jersey in competition will make me feel weird. As J1, I really didn’t expect this. It’s a bit of a surprise because there were only four J1s in preseason and I didn’t think I’d have that chance right away. I gave 100% during my internship and this is a great opportunity. Wearing a Les Bleues T-shirt will give me strength.”. La Bretonne has already had the opportunity to race this season at the Vendée Beach Circuit. “I realized that I was already in it and that I have a rhythm, it’s nice. I felt in good shape. The goal will be to be consistent throughout the year from now on.”adds for DirectVelo the one who goes “an international opening against girls like Zoe Backstedt. It is clear that it will not be the same as at the regional level, but this is good, because we are here to learn.”.

Clemence Chereau approaches Ghent-Wevelgem in much the same way. To study. Moreover, on this Friday morning, a young resident of Troo, a very small town in the Loir-et-Cher, did not yet know that she was going to go to Belgium. “I was originally assigned to Gegon but this Friday afternoon I was called in to replace Alice (Bredar) who had Covid. This is a misfortune for her and at the same time an opportunity for me. This is an important point. I’m going to discover the top level and how to run, this is a chance. This will be my first trip to Belgium.”. Clemence Chereau suddenly felt pressure as she boarded the train through Chievren. “At that time I was very enthusiastic, but after a few hours, in hindsight, I told myself that we will have to prove ourselves and hold on, because the level will be very high (smiles)”.


Unlike her teammates, she was not present at the Garda camp in February. That did not prevent her from being in the coach’s papers. “During my internship at the Gard, I was in Besançon with Pôle France. Emilian (Bro) also came to us, we had individual interviews, and he talked about the national selections.”indicates who will make major international championships in athletics their main goal for the 2022 season. “On the road, this is a year of discovery and change”.

For her part, Morin Tregouet did not come to Belgium to study or make discoveries. J2, she has already competed in last year’s Watersley Challenge Nations Cup in the Netherlands. She was also selected to compete in the World Championship. “I know the level and I know what to expect. The Netherlands also had cobblestones, so it won’t be a complete discovery. I know most of my opponents from last year’s experience.”. Thus, she claims to be ambitious. “I already discovered last year, so now I have to perform. I hope to regularly visit the team. I have good memories of the tour in the Netherlands so I would love to come back. I also think about international championships, however, like all girls”. So Ghent-Wevelgem should be her first step before what she hopes to be regular elections for the biggest meetings on the calendar. The only drawback: his physical insecurity. “Until now I have not participated in any women’s race, and I only started again last week because I was injured before. It’s hard for me to navigate, but I no longer have pain and should be fine now.”. If she had taken part in the Coupe de France round in Guegon, she would have raced at home. “The race really goes past the house. But you can’t refuse the selection for the French national team!”.

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