GP Bousquet: Dinan takes his share of the pie – News

Old veterans of Dinan SC fight back. This Saturday Johan Le Bon won the Landivizio Gilbert Bousquet Grand Prix single-handedly, as he had done in the previous edition. Cherry on the cake: he beat his teammate Maxim Cam (see rating). Two former professionals who have already worked for B&B Hôtels-KTM in the past are enjoying this collective success. “It’s always a pleasure. These are my training routes, which I know very well. This race is close to my heart. I live day by day and I want to succeed in all races. Today I smiled, it’s good”sums up the winner, on the spot, with DirectVelo. Johan Le Bon assures that despite the demonstrations of the Vendée U or WB Fybolia Morbihan teams since the beginning of the season, it was not about setting a record, but simply about having fun. “It’s not my style at all – wanting to show that I’m the boss is far from it. It’s still a bike race. Tomorrow (Sunday), perhaps, I will finish at fifteen in Hegon. I respect my opponents. In quotes, I have nothing more to prove, I want to have fun and on the day when this will no longer be, I will stop. Well, nevertheless, I confess, I was still happy that today there was only one Fibolia in the lead.he smiles.


The race was decided when Maxim Kam tried his luck alone. “I attacked, but did not change anything. I didn’t dig enough. Johan parried and no one could follow him, he punched a hole pretty quickly. I had to react quickly if I wanted to get back to him, but I had to get away from Kevin (Le Canff) and I couldn’t do that.”. Johan Le Bon himself would like Maxim Cam to go to the finish line alone. “I wanted to make it harder for Max, who lives in Landivisio. When he attacked, everyone was more or less fresh. So I put one back and she smiled at me.”.

On the last lap, the scoreboard told Johan Le Bon that he was 20 inches ahead of Maxim Cam alone and 40 inches on the second meter. At least, this is what the winner of the Breton route (the national elite) understood at the end of February. “I thought I was going to slow down and wait for him, but actually on the last kilometer I saw what (Kevin) Le Canff was with him, so I accelerated again to increase the lead and guarantee the victory for Dinan.”. Otherwise, he would see himself letting Maxim Cam win. I must say that these two know each other very well. “We’ve been traveling together for a long time, recalls Johan Le Bon. Back in Minim/Kadets we already knew each other. He came to collect his bikes from my father, who painted him with his brother. He is someone I respect a lot. In my professional years, we always skated together. He will soon come to his races, I’m not worried about him..


For many years, the two athletes were connected by friendship. And they got to know each other. “In a race, sometimes all you need is a look from Maxim to understand what he is going to do or how he feels. I know him well”assures Johan Le Bon, who would also like to see his other teammates raise their hands in the coming weeks and months. “Of course, we are both descendants of the pros, but, as I said at the briefing, the most important thing is the victory for Dinan. If we can get the rest of the team to win, we will.”.

Maxim Cam is also going to open his personal account very soon. “It’s 2nd place today as a win, half win… But this year it’s a bit harder on the legs, maybe less responsive than last year because I work nearby in a bike shop. It takes a little time and energy from me, whereas for the last few years I have only been cycling.”indicates who thinks “the foundation has spoken” this Saturday at an event where three former pros made it to the podium. In any case, this double proves that Dinan’s team will have to be reckoned with throughout the season. “Fibolia started the season very strongly. When you are in good dynamics, you accumulate good results. Even if we can always work better, we show that we are also on top. We hope everything works out for the team. I know I am at the end of my career so I want to race my way and see races. We motivated the youth. We are trying to teach them what we ourselves have learned in the past.”. Looking to move on to junior, Johan Le Bon and Maxim Kam prove they are still among the best at the elite level. It still promises great battles between the various collectives of the Great West, and this is from this Sunday during the Boucles Guégonnaises.

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