How the Sonic Movie franchise narrowly avoided bankruptcy

Flagship character for a video game company Segablue hedgehog sound probably one of the main figures of video games with his mustachioed compatriot Mario. He was officially born in 1991release date of the first Sonic the Hedgehog on console Mega Drive. sound an azure blue anthropomorphic hedgehog with the ability to run at the speed of sound, i.e. 1224 km / h. Many other characters grace the blue hedgehog universe like Tailsanthropomorphic Yellow Fox, Knucklesred echidna, ShadowNemesis sound or even Dr. Robotnikbig disadvantage of the franchise.

Yes sound primarily a platform game, the franchise has since expanded into other styles such as racing (Sonic Racing), from pinball (Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball), or wrestling (Sonic Fighter). Crossovers made it possible to find the character in more sports games (Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games).

The character has experienced many single or crossover video game adaptations with Marioappearances in TV series format and even, more recently, live-action adaptations.

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Sonic: The Movie: Sega; Paramount Pictures

Arrival from sound in the movies it looks like a long procession. IN 2013, Sony Pictures acquires franchise rights and launches a live-action feature film in June 2014. Jeff Fowler is invested in the project in 2016, and the film is expected to be released in 2018. sony abandon a project halfway through, and that’s Paramount Pictures, in October 2017, who took over the film. The film was announced in November 2019, but was pushed back to February 2020 due to major controversy: blue hedgehog design.

In fact, the first trailer sonic: the movie caused a huge stir by showing the design of an ugly and ugly hedgehog. Jeff Fowler explains this by wishing in his creative vision sound very ” human“. But the disappointment of fans forces the director to reconsider his opinion. Indeed, it is very dangerous for a film adaptation, which is unanimously opposed, not to go in the direction of the most devoted fans. Ghostbustersanother franchise so beloved by pop culture fans can attest to this: Paul Feig offered its female remake in 2016, the film faced major disappointment, causing the sci-fi film to fail at the box office. ($229.1 million in revenue on a $144 million budget).

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Sonic: The Movie; First design by Paramount Pictures; Sega

Thus, the film was on the verge of bankruptcy, especially since Paramount now intends to capitalize on a major franchise. Jeff Fowler reacted quite quickly during the first response to the trailer:

“Thank you for your support. And your feedback. The message is clear and understandable… You don’t like the design and want change. And that’s what’s going to happen. Everyone at Paramount and Sega is fully committed to making this character the best they can be (note on the #gotta fix it fastlink to ” Sonic must go fast »

The design has since been corrected. (for an additional $5 million missed by Paramount) and the film was received fairly positively by critics, the press, and audiences. (63% positive reviews on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes). From a financial point of view, sonic: the movie recorded a solid $319 million in box office receipts, when the gross could have been much higher given the onset of the covid-19 pandemic at the time.

First of all, the feature film will correctly lay the foundations of the expanded universe, right up to the creation hype around Sonic 2, in theaters March 30. With the advent Emeralds, Tails, anti-hero Knuckles and Robotnik in Jim Carrey’s version more and more faithful to the design of video games, many fans are looking forward to this new part of the saga. sound takes a step forward in the cinema on his mustachioed colleague Mariowhich will also be adapted live by the studios Enlightenment Entertainment (Me, ugly and evil) at the end of 2022. Jeff Fowlerwho has already worked on a video game sound in 2005 seems to understand the saga best. We can only be sure that we saved it from bankruptcy with this major strategic turn in 2019.

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