Is using KMS Office dangerous for your PC?

Have you just bought a new computer and want to install Windows or Microsoft Office for PC or Mac on it, but don’t want to pay the high price? Did you know that there are solutions to obtain an original license at a low cost without resorting to the risky practice of piracy? We tell you more.

Who has never been discouraged by the price of a Microsoft Office 365 license and thought about its piracy? If software piracy has long been the domain of connoisseurs, then on the Internet this practice is becoming more common. And it can help when you’re studying or want more than a LibreOffice/OpenOffice package for your family’s computer. It’s often enough to type a query into Google and apply an online tutorial to get the Grail: free access to Microsoft Office 365 or Windows. It sounds quite simple, but in fact, hacking presents serious risks for the user that could have been avoided. Indeed, services like Yeslicense offer reliable and secure solutions for cheap Microsoft Office or Windows searches.

Piracy: what’s behind these free licenses?

In license piracy, the software activation part is often illegal. This is done using hacktools (hacking systems), which allow you to illegally activate the license. Microsoft uses a system called KMS (Key Management System) to activate the license. KMS allows you to activate software on a person’s computer thanks to universal keys legally stored on the server. These keys are typically updated every 180 days. But the KMS activator can also be used for hacker purposes, emulating a fake server. This activates the product for free, but free is not secure.

One of the first differences between a pirated version of an office suite and an inexpensive official license is found when the product is activated. To get the cracked free version, you will have to look for tutorials and sometimes download third-party software that will compromise the security of your computer. The process is not always easy, does not always work the first time and is not easy for everyone. Not to mention paying full price for each license, you can go through sites like Yeslicense that allow you to get a perpetual license for a low price. This will allow you to download Microsoft Office or Windows in a completely legal, simple and secure way.

Another disadvantage of the KMS activator is the license expiration date. Indeed, a pirated activation key needs to be updated very regularly. Therefore, you will have to go through the same activation process every time you need it. Where the low-cost legal license remains active as long as the classic license. In the case of a hack, the stakes are high, as each time you have to deactivate your antivirus in order to use the KMS activator.

Real risk to your equipment and your data

Finally, the main disadvantage of licenses activated through an illegal KMS activator is security. To be able to provide illegal activation keys, you need to bypass security rules. That is, you will need to disable your antivirus in order to be able to download and use KMS. At this time, your computer will be very vulnerable, and one infected file is enough for a warning message to appear on the screen. A study analyzing the first KMS activators listed on Google shows that most of these KMS activators show high detection rates on VirusTotal, and many others show suspicious activity. In other words, using a KMS activator to get free Microsoft Office or free Windows greatly increases the risk of infecting your computer with one or more viruses, malware, and trojans of all kinds. Once infiltrated into your system, the virus can greatly affect your computer. In some cases, you will need to involve an IT specialist, whose services are likely to be more expensive than the price of a license. In order, in the end, not to be sure of the ability to recover your files and documents.


In addition to the ethical aspect, using an illegal software activation key requires more time (searching for manuals and regularly reactivating the key generated by the KMS activator) and comes with many risks. It is for these reasons that we advise you to go through Yeslicense to activate Microsoft Office or Windows on your computer.

With dematerialized licenses, there are no shipping costs or hidden costs! Dedicated support is available 24/7 to facilitate remote installation if required. Used licenses work the same as new licenses. They allow you to get an inexpensive perpetual license and thus be able to use Microsoft Office for a lifetime, for example for PC or Mac. On Yeslicense, you can find offers such as Microsoft Office 2019 for less than 10 euros, as well as Microsoft Office 2021 for less than 15 euros. You can also install Windows 10 or Windows 11 for a low price. Whether you are a student, family or company, you will find a formula tailored to your needs!
Yeslicense is a French company offering Microsoft and Windows licenses at very competitive prices and completely legal. Yeslicense buys licenses from companies that no longer need them, verifies them, and then offers them for resale to individuals.

Article written in collaboration with YesLicense

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