The best slasher, horror movies available on HBO Max

Subgenre films slasher horror, have become a favorite of many because they offer us scenes full of horror and suspense, but at the same time full of action and a lot of gore, most of the time counting down with a bloodthirsty psychopath who wakes up and takes his people’s lives. In a twisted way, audiences relate to these violent films, in which ordinary citizens become heroes when they are drawn into horrific scenarios with humming chainsaws and sharp knives. Millions of horror movie fans have created characters like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger Where Jasonwho have become iconic characters on the big screen.

However, streaming platforms have made it possible for their users to enjoy all kinds of movies, including slasher horror. hbo-max It has great classic films of the genre in its catalog, with films that every horror movie fan should see.

From franchises like “Friday the 13th” before “A Nightmare on Elm Street”these are 6 classic slasher movies you should watch if you have an HBO Max subscription.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1995, Kim Henkel)

Another story about a massacre in Texas, but this time it takes place on the night of a prom. With Renee Zellweger and Matter McConaughey, long before they were famous Hollywood stars. Written and directed by Kim Henkel, co-writer of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Although it received poor reviews upon release and flopped at the box office, once its main characters became famous, the film was re-released and re-released. The story has a very strange plot, but it guarantees cuts and bloodshed everywhere.

The Devil Wakes (1981, Sam Raimi)

Sam Raimi’s low-budget original film The Devil Rises is based on his short film In the Woods, starring his old friend Bruce Campbell. The story follows Ash and his friends as they go to a cabin in the woods for the weekend and find an ancient tome in the basement. Reading this out loud releases demons into the world and Ash is responsible for breaking and breaking to death.

My Bloody Valentine (2009. Todd Farmer, Zane Smith)

My bloody valentine is not for the faint of heart, as there is so much blood in the film that it literally stains the camera. When a mine collapses in the city of Harmony, USA, six miners are trapped underground and only one survives, killing only to escape with a pickaxe. He then goes on a murderous rampage, dressed in his masked miner’s attire, before ultimately being killed by the police.

Fast forward ten years and the killings start again, but this time a new masked miner will start hunting down the town’s residents. Featuring dozens of murders, this remake of the original 1981 film strictly adheres to the various slasher themes.

Friday the 13th (2009. Damian Shannon, Mark Swift)

This version of Friday the 13th is one of the many sequels to the original 1980s film that sees Jason Vourgis in a hockey mask return for revenge. For Jason, there is no better scenario than to find a group of drunken teenagers to feast on his blood, track them down and kill himself. Jared Padlecki stars as the brother of one of the missing girls who gets lost in the woods while camping and will have to face Jason to escape dead or alive.

Strange (2020. Michael Kennedy, Christopher Landon)

A modern slasher classic was born with the slasher comedy Freaky, starring Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton. Parodying the beloved classic Freaky Friday, a shy teenage girl and a monstrous serial killer switch bodies, creating a very chaotic Friday. Vaughn gives one of his funniest performances in years as a frightened seventeen year old trapped in the body of a tall, strong man.

Confused by her newfound power, she slowly stumbles upon her power and uses her body to right many wrongs of a very bad person. Meanwhile, Newton dedicates himself to killing innocent teenagers, a seemingly young woman with no evil intentions. One of the best movies that combines horror and comedy.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984, Wes Craven).

The 1984 fantasy slasher is a nightmare in its own right as a group of teenagers begin to share the same obsessive dream. The Nightmares of Serial Killer Freddy KruegerRobert Englund), a dead man who uses dreams as an opportunity to hunt down teenagers and kill them.

High school students begin to be killed in their sleep, and Freddie is getting closer and closer to the transition to the real world. “A Nightmare on Elm Street” presents Johnny Depp in his feature debut alongside John Saxon, Amanda Wyss and Roni Blackley in an ageless horror classic about a teenager trapped in a shallow world.

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