Top best Jake Gyllenhaal movies

At 41, Jake Gyllenhaal continues to shine on the screen, creating a rich filmography filled with a variety of feature films. In front of the camera, he embodies defining roles in mystery thrillers, family dramas, and even superhero films. On the occasion of the release of ER, Michael Bay’s new film, here is a list of the American actor’s best work.

Donnie Darko (2002)

After his first film appearances and the role of young Homer Hickam in October sky Joe Johnston, Jake Gyllenhaal plays an abusive teenager with severe emotional problems in Donnie Darko. Richard Kelly, director, directs Donnie’s story. A young man is haunted by strange visions. He goes so far as to believe in the existence of a giant white rabbit named Frank that only he can see. These performances disrupt the boy’s daily life, which worries his relatives and the society in which he lives.

Donnie Darko ©Metropolitan Filmexport

With this remarkable role, Jake Gyllenhaal kicks off his career in the most beautiful way, delivering a compelling, almost chilling performance. Accompanied by his on-screen sister Maggie Gyllenhaalyoung Jake reveals the perfect mix of troubled teenager emotions.

Movie Donnie Darko plays with time as well as with successive hallucinations of the protagonist. This links science fiction to Donnie’s fragile psychological state. This tumultuous teen film marks a generation and effortlessly crosses time, in addition to turning its actor’s life upside down. The California actor thanks the film for its existence in an Instagram post in 2021:

This is a movie that changed my life and my career.

Mystery of Brokeback Mountain (2006)

In the registry of romantic and classic dramas Mystery of Brokeback Mountain appears in the filmography of Jake Gyllenhaal. He also won the Golden Lion in Venice in 2005. Carrying an Ang Lee film on his shoulders, accompanied by the talented and late Heath Ledger, the actor plays one of two cowboys who fall in love with a sudden and impossible love, contrary to the mores of the time in Wyoming..

Gustavo Santaolalla’s guitar notes reveal the mystery of two men in the heart of these vast and mountainous landscapes. Isolated from each other, Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar have more than just a story hidden during the driving of the sheep they guard. The two actors did well and managed to create pure chemistry between them. That causes rare emotions.

Mystery of Brokeback Mountain
Mystery of Brokeback Mountain ©Pate

Suffering from a love doomed to keep a secret, between unspoken words and silence, Jake Gyllenhaal shines with his looks and his fair interpretation. The intimacy he creates with his companion allows him to be Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actor. The figurine is finally given to George Clooney for Siriana. But thanks Brokeback MountainJake Gyllenhaal is gaining even more popularity with both critics and audiences.

Zodiac (2007)

2007 marks the collaboration of actor and director David Fincher. The story of the investigation of the serial killer of the Zodiac, multiplying the horrific murders in San Francisco and the surrounding area. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a cartoonist named Robert Graysmith. He puts his life on hold to find the culprit behind these murders, taking an extraordinary interest in the killer’s clues and repeated encrypted messages.

Zodiac ©Warner Bros. Photos

Cast XXL. Next to the Californian actor Robert Downey Jr. was Paul Avery, a criminal specialist in Chronicle of San Francisco. Mark Ruffalo plays Inspector David Tosca. With ZodiacDavid Fincher talks about a subject he’s obsessed with: serial killers. The director is interested in the psychology of his characters. In particular, Jake Gyllenhaal, obsessed with the need to find out who the Zodiac is.

In these 2 hours and 30 minutes of investigation, the constant obsession of this aspiring investigator, who renounces his own existence, captivates the audience. And this, in particular, thanks to the crazy Jake Gyllenhaal. Zodiac an excellent thriller with an unsettling atmosphere, benefiting from careful and thoughtful staging.

prisoners (2013)

In the early 2010s, the actor hooked films with different looks. Played Tobey Maguire’s brother in a drama Brothersaddicted to Anne Hathaway in the novels Love and other drugsor the incarnation of a blockbuster hero Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeJake Gyllenhaal is inundated with offers.

He then decides to work twice with Denis Villeneuve. Their collaboration produces two great films. First of all prisonersthen enemy. In the first, he plays Inspector Loki investigating the disappearance of two young girls. The loop is tightened, and the traces become smaller. Mad with rage, the father of one of them (played by Hugh Jackman) demands revenge and hunts down the culprit. At the casting we find a young Paul Dano, Viola Davis or Terrence Howard.

prisoners © SND

Along with references to thrillers like Mystic River, Vanished or Seven, prisoners remains a great movie. This puzzle stretches the viewer and plunges them into the very heart of the black atmosphere. The Canadian director’s tense feature film owes its success to the constant tension and performance of the actors. Faced with his doppelgangers, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a more subdued character, always determined but full of nervousness.

Ranks first in the lists of the best films of the decade and the best thrillers. prisoners becomes a link. The cold style of Denis Villeneuve is the best suited for this kind of work.

Night call (2014)

So that the actor can play his madness, director Dan Gilroy gave Jake Gyllenhaal a great role in Night call. Lou starts his own business. Every night with his driver, played by Riz Ahmed, he crosses Los Angeles in search of the most shocking images to sell to local TV stations.

A character overflowing with rage that goes beyond the limit very quickly. Capable of doing anything to prove his worth and impress his employers, Lou becomes a realistic personification of the constant search for a high at any cost.

Night call
Night call © Concorde Filmverleih

In this dark thriller Jake Gyllenhaal’s expression is enough to challenge us and question his behavior. Without any morality, frightening, the actor plays his most successful role. Breaking the screen every minute, it metamorphoses before our eyes. He turns into an unhealthy beast, perverting everything he touches. night bumin keeping with its original title, is a very good thriller.


The actor built such a filmography that it’s impossible to list everything. However, his role as a boxer in Rage in the stomach Antoine Fuqua also demonstrates the breadth of his acting: a performance full of emotion. Working with eminent directors such as Bong Joon Ho for Okjaor Jacques Audiard for Sisters Brothershe devotes himself entirely to the sublimation of films.

Last mention for Wildlife: hot season and his duet with Carey Mulligan, with whom he forms a couple that is torn apart in front of their only child. This is the first film directed by Paul Dano. Although Jake Gyllenhaal disappears there for thirty minutes, the feature film is a little gem. Currently showingAmbulance signed Michael Bay, the actor still has many exciting hours to offer us in front of the camera.

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