Up to eight years in prison for far-right supporters on trial for assault

Four young men aged between 23 and 32 were convicted on Friday by a Nantes jury for brutally beating two young men during the evening of the 2017 presidential election.

On Friday, a jury in Nantes sentenced four far-right supporters to eight years in prison for a brutal attack on two young men during the evening of the 2017 presidential election.

After more than six hours of deliberation, 23-year-old François-Mamès Cosseron de Villenoisy was sentenced by a Loire-Atlantiques jury to six years in prison with a warrant to commit violence that resulted in a permanent disability from meeting weapons. and premeditation. “My client assumes this verdict, he was expecting a guilty verdict”his lawyer, Me Loic Kabios, said after the hearing.

Antoine Desba, 23, and Mathieu Gauthier de la Richérie, 24, were sentenced to three years’ probation for violence committed during an encounter with a weapon and premeditation. Tried on those two counts, 32-year-old Joyce Burkart was sentenced to eight years in prison on warrant.

What would have happened to the victims if the motorist had not put the attackers to flight? Will they even be alive? »

I’m Loic Bourgeois, lawyer for Stephen Dardenne

On May 7, 2017, Erwan David, aged 18 at the time of the incident, and Stephen Dardenne, aged 16, were cycling home when they were pushed to the ground and then kicked and kicked with glass bottles by GUD supporters, former truckers. proper student organization.

“The sentences handed down correspond to what happened. The jury fairly assessed each other’s participation., Stephen Dardenne’s lawyer Me Loic Bourgeois explained. During her requisitions, Advocate General Véronique Wester-Wiss spoke of a “super-violent” attack in which the authors “All their anger, all their hatred, all their violence”.

“What would have happened to the victims if the motorist had not put the attackers to flight? Will they even be alive? There are precedentsShe stressed, before giving the names of Clément Meric, an anti-fascist activist who died in 2013 during a brawl between far-left youths and skinheads, and former Argentine rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu, that the GUD member is a suspect in the murder on Saturday in Paris. During the debate, the aggressors explained that they recognized the victims as anti-fascist militants who “courses” in the center of Nantes a little earlier in the evening.

Are these acts of violence more serious because of the far-right ideas of the defendants than if they were committed without compensation? »

I am Loic Cabioche, lawyer for François-Mamès Cosseron de Villenoisy,

“Politics entered the jury. On the one hand, the supposed “antifa” and on the other bad Nazis. This provides a promising explanation. But reality is more complex than that., Camille Rado, the lawyer of Mathieu Gauthier de la Richeri, confessed to me. He claimed that his client had no “never attended GUD meetings”what he “shared some ideas with this small group, but that’s about it”. The four aggressors stated during the debate that they had severed all ties with any political organization.

Tried as a repeat offender, Joyce Burkart described herself on the first day of the hearing as “personality” as well as “proud (her) European culture”. During the debate, he claimed that he did not wear “no shot” victims. Antoine Desbah claimed that Joyce Burkart snatched an iron rod from his hand when he was about to hit Stephen Dardenne with it. Lawyer Joyce Burkart, Me Pierre-Marie Bonnot, assured during his dispute that his client was “accomplice in crime” but not the culprit of violence.

François-Mamès Cosseron de Villenoisy’s lawyer Me Loïc Cabioche reminded the jury that“A man is judged not for what he is, but for what he has done”. “Is this violence more serious because the defendants had far-right ideas than if they were done for free or to steal a phone? I don’t think you can create a hierarchy.”, he pointed out. In turn, Antoine Debas Me’s lawyer, Jean-Guillaume Le Mintier, urged the jury not to “Give in to emotions, not reason”. “My client is already locked up in a psychological prison, a prison of guilt.”

The fifth defendant, Tanguy Martin, who was 20 years old at the time of the events, died accidentally during the procedure.

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