Update 9.2.5: All Update Information for WoW – World of Warcraft

Patch 9.2.5 is an update to the Shadowlands expansion for WoW. It brings dungeons and raids between factions, as well as features for blood elves and Dark Iron dwarves. There are several quality-of-life improvements worth noting, as well as the start of a story that will appear in the next World of Warcraft expansion.

The release date for patch 9.2.5 is scheduled for Q2 2022.

1. Interfractional bodies

This is a big new patch 9.2.5. Alliance and Horde players can play World of Warcraft dungeons and raids together.

Players can now invite a member of the opposite faction to join their party if you are a friend via BattleTag or real name, or if you are part of a cross-faction community in WoW. The predefined groups in the group finder for Mythic+ Dungeons, Raids, or Ranked Arenas/BGs are open to players of both factions. It should be noted, however, that the leader of the group may decide to limit applicants to one faction if he so chooses.

Please note that guilds and random activities (heroic dungeons, skirmishes or random battlegrounds) remain tied to your faction.

In addition, some instances are not cross-faction:

  • Champion Test
  • Trial of the Crusader
  • Crypt of Archavon
  • Icecrown Citadel
  • Baradin Hold
  • Siege of Boralus
  • Battle of Dazar’alor
  • Nightmaul Citadel (Exile’s Reach Dungeon)

Once in a group, members of the opposite faction will remain unfriendly in the “outside” world (and completely hostile in war mode!), just like today, but they will be able to communicate via group chat. However, when entering a dungeon, raid, or ranked PvP match, all participants will be friendly and will be able to help each other in combat, trade loot, earn shared achievements, and fully cooperate just like other participants. the same faction has always done so.

2. New for blood elves and dark iron dwarves

The blood elves are getting a new questline that starts in Oribos and takes players to Silvermoon City and the Ghostlands to free Tranquillion from the Scourge. The story also featured Vorat, a mysterious blood elf vampire who took advantage of the absence of the Helm of Dominance to rally several members of the Scourge to his cause. Blood elves will be able to get a brand new set of Blood Knights!

Dark Iron dwarves can travel to Blackrock Depths to complete small quests and thus rebuild an arsenal of two weapons and a shield, as well as a new mount: Incendiary Bark.

3. New mounts

Patch Shadowlands 9.2.5 adds five new mounts. Among them we find Dark Iron Incendiary Bark, Vicious Warhunter (Season 4 PvP reward) and others whose source is still unknown.

4. Daily improvements

That Trader’s Badge of Honor, sold by the Au’dara in Oribos, is now upgraded to 60 renown instead of 40. It still costs 500 gold and allows your alts to reach 60 renown in a matter of minutes. Increasing Fame from 40 to 60 allows you to take advantage of many upgrades, such as access to all intermediate tiers for your Soul Bonds, or even activating all chapters of the Chains of Dominance campaign.

Blizzard has also provided new options for players to report inappropriate behavior in the game. New categories will be added, including:

  • Sabotage Gameplay
  • cheating
  • Wrong name
  • AFC / Non-participation
  • Breaking into
  • Indecent
  • spam
  • Advertising
  • Custom game name
  • Rating up/down
  • Group name
  • bots
  • Team progress blocking

5. History

5.1. Tirisfal Glades

Among the data discovered since PTR 9.2.5 data collection is a new map of Tirisfal Glades. Although he is not yet available and will not reveal his secrets for some time, his existence is undoubtedly connected with the next events that await us in Azeroth. Associated with this card is the new model of Calia Menethil. Therefore, we can expect a story related to the Forsaken and the last member of the royal bloodline of Lordaeron.

5.2. Khadgar and Jaina

Among the interesting moments worth noting is the discussion between Jaina and Khadgar in Oribos. Jaina is outside the capital of the Shadowlands and sees a crow approaching, who greets her. What follows is a dialogue that I suggest you find below.

Is this the return of a key character from Legion and Warlords of Draenor for Blizzard, or is it a small nod that means nothing? We may find out on April 19th when Blizzard announces a new WoW expansion.

Khadgar : Hello Jaina.

Gina : Khadgar! It’s nice to see you again. Sorry for the last time…

Khadgar : We lived in troubled times. Between the attack on the Legion and the ensuing war… We both needed to find our own path. It’s not a matter of resentment, you have all my friendship.

Gina : And me too. But I guess you didn’t come all this way just to find me.

Khadgar A: No, really. I have studied the Shadowlands for many years in Medivh’s books. I even looked through the veil from the top of Karazhan. For a long time I wanted to see with my own eyes the realm of death…

Gina : Everything is fine ?

Khadgar : The weight of years is pressing on my shoulders. The burden I inherited, the choice I made… Humpf! Please excuse the old man’s nonsense. I’m going to explore Shadowlands to discover its wonders. I have heard of cunning merchants, a city full of secrets, and a land of ancient knowledge. I can’t wait to see this!

Gina A: Well, you won’t be bored! I missed you my friend. Don’t leave without saying goodbye.

Khadgar : Promise, Jaina. See you later.

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