Claude Chirac supports Valerie Pecresse, Macron in retirement at 65, Zemmour’s video removed… Campaign news this Thursday

Valerie Pekress. Lacking the support of former President Nicolas Sarkozy for the moment, this is another name that matters on the right, which comes after Valerie Pecresse. In an interview with La Montagne, Claude, daughter of Jacques and Bernadette Chiracoff, on the eve of her meeting at Brive-la-Gaillard, decided to support the LR candidate.

“I have known her for a long time, we worked together with Jacques Chirac for several years. And politics is not abstract, it is also made up of personal relationships that intertwine in time. We also have a strong bond with Corrèze.

She has established herself, I think everyone has seen it, at the head of the first region of France. It carries a project of deep transformation of the country from its territories, and I believe in it. I think that in Corrèze, and probably throughout France, we know that the solution to many of our problems lies in the awakening and renewal of our territories. »

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Deal of the day

65 years old. The information has recently begun to circulate, government spokesman Gabriel Attal confirmed it this Thursday morning to RTL: “In Emmanuel Macron’s program there will be a proposal to increase the retirement age. gradually at age 65 […]with a minimum 1100 euros for those who have had a full career. Gabriel Attal also announced cancellation of the main special regimes, citing RATP or EDF “as we did with SNCF for new members”.

A set of proposals that irrigate the exchanges, this Thursday morning, on the occasion of great oral sex that will pass CFDT several candidates or their representatives. Several candidates have already responded.

This morning on Europe 1, Yannick Jadot called this proposal unfair: “I am initiating a pension reform to restore difficulty occupies a central place in pension plans. Between a manager and an employee who retires, there is ten years difference in life expectancy in good health. On Twitter, Valerie Pekress says she supports the measure: “Retirement at 65: we proposed, Macron did not! How can you trust a Macron candidate when he promises everything that President Macron did not do during his five-year period? »

For Marine Le Pen: “With Emmanuel Macron, people always have to sacrifice themselves. I, I guess let those who started early retire early Jean-Luc Mélenchon, for his part, showed his difference: “Macron plans to retire at 65. Our program calls for retirement at 60. We’ll find out in a month who decides. »

Opinion of the day

Youth. In autumn 2021, Prime Minister Jean Castex addressed the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) on youth commitment and democratic participation. During departmental and regional elections in 2021 87% of 18-24 year olds abstained, while 50% of poorly registered voters are under thirty.

The ESEC, in an opinion adopted this Wednesday, March 9, formulates 21 proposals, such as counting blank votes, centralized distribution of programs of each candidate in the elections, introducing a dose of proportional representation in legislative elections, lowering the signature threshold to initiate a referendum on joint initiative, limiting the number of consecutive mandates to three in a local executive or as a parliamentarian, combating misregistration and non-registration, or even open the right to vote at the age of 16.

Regarding this last suggestion, our antivirus cell has looked into the matter. A 2015 Council of Europe report assesses the implementation of this measure in some European countries such as Austria: “There is positive impact on participation in elections : young people are interested in elections and voting about the same as the elderly. […] Participation of 16-17 year olds actually higher than other older first-time voters and this is almost the same as the total turnout. […] Austrian teen voters seem to necessary maturity get involved and make a real choice when they vote. In conclusion, the Austrian example gives rise to supporters of lowering the electoral majority. »

Adding a caveat after reviewing the implementation of the measure in Scotland: “Despite these positive developments, some caution should be exercised. First of all, growing interest and high voter turnout are uneven among young people : them the level of education and their social status are crucial. »

Study of the day

Surprise. In a publication this Tuesday, March 8, the Jean Jaurès Foundation discusses the question of surprise during the presidential elections under the Fifth Republic. According to the author, there has been at least one surprise in every presidential election, whether it was de Gaulle’s draw in 1965, the elimination of Lionel Jospin in the first round in 2002, the result of François Bayrou in 2007, or the victory of Emmanuel Macron in 2017 (even if one can object to the lack of surprises about the identity of qualified runoff candidates during many of these elections: 1981, 1988, 2007, 2012, for example).

For the author of the article, Emmanuel Macron is now favored by the current geopolitical situation. ” Thus, the surprise of the 2022 presidential election may be the lack of surprises. and one again the second round of 2017, which hasn’t happened since… 1981,” he recalls.

Even if “to date they indicate that only two candidates benefit from real positive dynamics: Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. So the latter could create – again – a surprise by approaching the qualifying threshold for the second round or even managing to qualify.”

word of the day

Useful. A long fifth place in the opinion polls, LFI candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon has gradually entered the margin of error for qualifying in the second round, is now sometimes declared third and considers the duel with Emmanuel Macron hypothesis tested (largely defeated).

“This case about my presence in the second round changes the political field,” he analyzed at a press conference on Wednesday. The interest of the country lies in the second round of Macron-Mélenchon. Suddenly, on the lips of other candidates on the left, the expression returns again, the concept “useful vote”. A formula that Ségolène Royal used against Jean-Luc Mélenchon a few weeks ago and which, moreover, ensured him a quiet second-round qualification in 2007, five years after the 2002 injury and elimination of Lionel Jospin. An idea that also allowed Jean-Luc Mélenchon to poach some of Benoît Amon’s electorate in 2017.

“IA helpful voice is first and foremost the voice of your beliefs., replied this Thursday morning to France Inter Anne Hidalgo. A useful vote is to vote for people who can run the country, will not create additional chaos, will not be in noise and fury. […] I am this Republican, European leftist of responsibility. If you want to help restore the Left, then do yourself a favor and vote for the leftist woman in this election. A concept also refuted by Yannick Jadot: “I am fighting to ensure that the fight against climate change, the fight against the loss of biodiversity and solidarity are at the heart of the next five years. You talk to me about what some call useful voting, but useful vote, for what? »


Meetings and trips. Several “grand speeches” this Thursday. CFDT members will receive Anne Hidalgo, Yannick Jadot, Richard Ferrand, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Damien Abad and Fabien Roussel. Candidates are also invited to answer questions from the French fire brigade in an event opened by Nicolas Sarkozy and Bernard Cazeneuve.

Yannick Jadot meets students of Sciences Po Paris at 12:30 Fabienne Roussel at a meeting at Cirque d’Hiver (19:00) in Paris. Natalie Artaud has two meetings with the public on her agenda: in Grand Luce, in Sarthe, then in Vitre, in Ile-et-Villaine. Jean Lassalle continues his journey through France by bus. After yesterday you had difficulty crossing the bridge, tonight he will be at Casteljalou, in Lot-et-Garonne.

In terms of media, tonight (20:20) Valerie Pekress and Eric Zemmour will discuss TF1 and LCI.

Article to read

Seen from Belgium. The Belgian newspaper De Morgen became interested in Fabien Roussel’s campaign, thanks to which, according to the journalist, “the left is finally talking to the working class again.”

“Fabien Roussel’s program includes classic demands such as raising the minimum wage and taxing the wealthiest. But he also aims to stand out from a lot of other left-wing candidates,” as with nuclear power, or his gastronomy declaration (“Good wine, good meat, good cheese”), refined a few days later” I want workers to be able to buy quality food too. meat”.

According to a Belgian observer, “If the French Left is in trouble, it is because the working class no longer recognizes itself in them and even less in its moralizing denunciations against its traditions. The France of happy days is the France of the time when the left and the people shared the same dream and the same values.”

Video of the day

Withdrawal. Today’s video no longer exists. This is Eric Zemmour’s video about the launch of the advertising campaign. The far-right candidate used, in a video posted online on November 30, 2021, images that did not belong to him without permission.

Following complaints from copyright holders, a Paris court on March 4 ordered Erik Zemmour and the Reconquest association to stop broadcasting the unedited version of the video.

As a result, YouTube made the video unavailable in France. “When a copyright holder notifies us of a court decision regarding a video that infringes its copyright, we will immediately suspend the content as required by law,” the video platform told NextImpact.

Antoine Busnell

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