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* Gerandi: “The United States is ready to continue supporting Tunisia” (AA)

Foreign Secretary Osman Gerandi met on Friday with U.S. Deputy Secretary of Civil Security, Democracy and Human Rights Azra Zia.

The US official stressed the “importance of the ‘participation’ of the Tunisian political process”, reaffirming in this context his country’s determination to continue to support the Tunisian democratic experience so that it remains a model for the region.

She also commended the achievements of Tunisia, a strategic partner that has demonstrated the United States’ interest in democracy and human rights issues in its foreign policy.

In addition, the parties discussed the relationship of Tunisian-American cooperation and the strengthening of this partnership.

For his part, Gerandi said that “Tunisian democracy needs economic and social support at a time when the country is currently facing multifaceted challenges.

* Tunisia: Ennahdha describes the national consultation as a “fiasco” (AA)

The Ennahdha Movement stressed on Friday that “the national consultations testify to the failure of the process of weakening the state and its institutions.”

Ennadha described the popular poll as a “fiasco”, denouncing, among other things, “a political maneuver to seize the will of the people and squander public money”.

In addition, the movement reaffirmed its commitment to national dialogue to establish political stability and carry out economic and social reforms within the framework of participatory democracy.

The Islamist Party also accused the head of state of the inertia shown by his “illegitimate government” in the face of a sharp rise in prices and a shortage of basic products.

*Tunisia: Three parties form new political front (AA)

The political formations Al-Jumhuri (Republican Party), Attayar (Democratic Movement) and Ettakatol (Democratic Forum for Labor and Freedoms) announced the creation of a new political front to unite the Social Democrats. democratic family and take part in the upcoming elections.

The coordination of these three parties announced that this new political formation aims to present a new discourse that will break with the system after 2011 and also after July 25, 2021.

Ghazi Chaouachi, general secretary of the Democratic Movement, said on the sidelines of the final conference of the Social Democratic Forum held on Saturday that Tunisia needs a new political discourse that could meet the demands of the current situation in the country, especially after July 25 has passed. .

In this sense, he envisaged a possible merger of these three parties to form a new social democratic political formation capable of mobilizing national skills and opening the way for youth and women. The goal, he said, is to block the way for “populist parties, including the Ennahdha movement, the Free Desturian Party and organizations supporting Qais Syed.”

*Tunisia: ‘Dangerous Customs Operations’ (AA) investigation continues

Tunisian Interior Minister Taoufik Sharfeddin said on Saturday that “an investigation is under way into dangerous customs operations that have caused great damage to the country’s economy.”

He indicated that “dangerous customs operations and violations (without specification) are being investigated”, adding that these operations “caused thousands of billions in losses to the Tunisian economy” (in local currency).

He added that “investigations will soon be launched against all persons convicted of involvement in illegal enrichment operations.”

The minister emphasized “concern for the application of the law to everyone, even to entrepreneurs, some of whom consider themselves above the law.

He noted that “decisions to return land (illegally exploited) have been enforced against individuals, businessmen and lobbyists who some say are under undue influence.”

Sharfeddin also stressed that “protection and support were removed, including 24 people, among businessmen, frozen deputies and media representatives.” He did not disclose the identities of those affected by these measures.

He added that “some individuals have taken advantage of unjustified personal support only to satisfy their egos, while the national community urgently needs to focus its efforts in the field of security.”

*Tunisia: economic situation at the center of the interview Syed-Boudin (AA)

President of the Republic of Tunisia Qais Said received Prime Minister Najla Boudin on Saturday at the Palace of Carthage. The meeting was devoted to the general situation in the country, especially at the economic and social levels.

The President of the Republic also mentioned the activities of the Government, in particular the meetings held by Boudin with a number of representatives of international financial institutions, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

And reaffirm that the solutions envisaged in a possible IMF financing agreement should meet the aspirations of the Tunisian people, that the social role of the state will not be compromised and that the costs will be shared on the basis of equity. and justice.

* More than 148 terrorist cells (AA) have been eliminated in Tunisia

Security forces have eliminated more than 148 terrorist cells, National Guard General Directorate spokesman Husem Eddin Jebably said on Saturday.

Jebably confirmed that an investigation into the January 4 attack against a security patrol in the town of Bir Soltan, Kebili Governorate (southwest), showed that the cell planned to attack the interior minister. Taufik Sharfeddin during his visit to the south of the country.

The representative of the National Guard also revealed details of other military operations that thwarted the plans of the terrorists, including the arrest of a young woman who arrived from abroad and planned to carry out a terrorist attack in the Sahel region. The accused was returning from a conflict zone overseas and could have been remotely recruited and trained in the manufacture of explosives.

Foreign elements have also been arrested, and cells operating in cyberspace have been dismantled, Jebably said.

For his part, Fray Ben Brahim, General Director of the Operations Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, indicated that 3,000 tons of food products (flour, sugar, pasta, etc.) were seized from March 10 to March 25.

“In the last six months, 196,000 people have been arrested and 129,000 lawsuits have been opened, 80% of them for violence,” said Ben Brahim, who also confirms the arrest by security forces of 5,034 people, including a large number of foreigners. in the fight against illegal migration.

With regard to the fight against drugs, a senior security official claimed the arrest of several major traffickers and reported the arrest of 6,240 people, as well as the seizure of 306,000 ecstasy tablets, 167 kg of marijuana and more than 13 kg of cocaine and heroin.

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