How Toyota Valenciennes combines economy and sustainability

Revision dated 03/28/2022

Oliver Sindermann is the new General Manager of Goodyear DACH Sales.

As of April 1, 2022, Oliver Sindermann joins Goodyear DACH as Managing Sales Director, succeeding Dieter Schölling.


Thomas Zimmermann Appointed Chairman and CEO of Freenow

Thomas Zimmermann, Mark Berg’s successor as Chairman of Freenow as of April 1, 2022.


JMJ Group continues acquisitions in the Fiat network.

Following the acquisition of the Fiat-Alfa-Jeep dealerships in Pontarlier and Lons-le-Saunier from the Deffeuille Group last January, the JMJ Group continues its acquisitions in the Fiat-Alfa-Jeep network by acquiring the Epinal dealership.


Renault in Russia: avoiding the worst

We could sum up Renault’s problem with the war in Ukraine today with a formula like “it’s impossible to do nothing and it’s hard not to be accused of doing too little.” In fact, given the extent of the abuses so far committed by Renault-spoiled Putin (like most French politicians and businessmen), it seems very difficult to turn around and wait for a return to a better political state. However, we should not allow ourselves to give lessons to actors who have nothing to lose in this story and even could have a lot to gain from it. Slowly, Renault’s politicians and board will benefit from finding a narrow path that prevents the sacrifice of assets critical, even vital, to Renault.


TotalEnergies rules out any new investment in Russia

(Reuters) – TotalEnergies will not make any new investments in Russia, group chief executive Patrick Pouyanne said Saturday at a forum in Doha.


The European Union authorizes the Commission to jointly buy energy

(Reuters) – EU-27 leaders, meeting in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, gave the European Commission a mandate for joint energy purchases to mitigate the effects of rising gas and fuel prices under a joint vaccine purchase model during the Covid-19 pandemic.


London accelerates the rollout of electric vehicle charging stations

(AFP) — The British government, pushed for months by the auto industry to speed up the rollout of electric vehicle charging stations, announced on Thursday a £1.6 billion commitment to reach 300,000 public charging stations by 2030.


Orange: Jacques Aschenbroch (Valeo) bids for group president

(AFP) – Jacques Aschenbroich, 67-year-old automotive supplier Valeo president, is expected to become president of the Orange group, we learned Friday from a source close to the company who confirmed the information to the press.


Automotive: Morocco attracts several electric cable factories

(AFP) – Five automotive equipment manufacturers are to invest in factories in Morocco, including three in the production of electrical cables, whose production in Ukraine has been severely disrupted, according to the Moroccan Ministry of Industry.

Equipment manufacturers

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Issues raised by the announcement of the “withdrawal” of the Renault Group from Russia

The consequences of the Russian war in Ukraine and the accompanying economic sanctions are a real headache for companies. The decision, which Renault announced at the end of its board meeting on Wednesday, March 23, is unclear but raises fears of an outright departure from the country.


Russian authorities are trying to calm AvtoVAZ

(AFP) – The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade on Thursday tried to reassure the country’s leading carmaker, AvtoVAZ (Renault-Nissan group), after the Renault group announced it was suspending operations in Moscow.


Volkswagen has a Herculean task to “duplicate” Ukrainian plants

(AFP) – Ensuring supply at any cost: Deprived of key parts made in Ukraine, Volkswagen and its suppliers have no choice but to duplicate the production of these components at other plants at the cost of unprecedented effort.


Toyota Valenciennes: six days of shutdown planned for April

Toyota’s French manufacturing site planned to produce 300,000 vehicles this year, but the plan had to be revised down due to a shortage of semiconductors. On the other hand, the plant did not suffer from the war in Ukraine.


Volkswagen invests 7 billion euros to electrify its plants in Spain

(AFP) – Volkswagen announced on Wednesday the transition of its Spanish plants to electricity with the construction of a battery plant in Sagunto, near Valencia, and the electrification of two Seat plants, with a total investment of 7 billion euros.


Renault suspends production activities in Russia

(AFP) – The Board of Directors of the Renault Group yesterday decided to suspend the activities of the Renault plant in Moscow and is evaluating options for AvtoVAZ.


Stellantis is partnering with LG Energy Solution to set up a battery manufacturing plant in Canada.

Following three European plants to be set up by its ACC joint venture, Stellantis announces a fourth battery plant, this time in Ontario and in partnership with LG Energy Solution, to supply the North American market.


ACC brings together a new shareholder, Mercedes, and announces the establishment of a new battery plant at the Italian site of Stellantis.

ACC, the battery company created by Stellantis and TotalEnergies, now has a third shareholder, Mercedes. Enough to increase its battery production targets, in particular by setting up a third plant in Italy this time.


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