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Kavinsky’s fans have been calling for his return for almost a decade. The star’s 2013 album OutRun was a gold-certified hit and (arguably) ushered in an entirely new genre of story-driven, purposeful music. So why did he hide for so long?

addressed exclusively Express.co.ukKavinsky explained that the reason it took him so long to get back to work was because he wanted to completely immerse himself in his work first before the new music woke him up.

“I didn’t know when I would be back,” Kavinsky said on Zoom through a translator. “But I wanted to take my time and think about the music that I had already released. So I think it took me all this time to create new music that excites me. »

He added: “It was really good for me! Because it allowed me to think about the music that I had made before and start again, on a new basis, with a new spirit. »

Regardless, the pressure from his fans must have been deafening.

After the incredible success of OutRun, Kavinsky’s desire to achieve more has reached a boiling point. But he didn’t answer the call. And it seems that this is only because of the artist’s reluctance to release the same old music as everyone else.

Kavinsky said, “Both of those really ties in with the fact that I wanted to create something new after the music I’ve released in the past… Another factor – and perhaps pressure – is that people are listening to music in a new way. . The world has changed. »

But it wasn’t this new way of constantly digesting music that ultimately forced Kavinsky out of “retirement” (if you can call it that).

On the contrary, it was an epidemic. At the risk of being exposed to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Kavinsky admitted that being alone at home is what ultimately led him to indulge in his suffocating creativity. “I had to face the fact that I want to make music again,” he said. “So in a way, the pandemic has been good for me because I can focus on what I want to do next. »

He later explained that his listeners should not expect the same experience from Reborn as from OutRun.

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“It’s the slower way,” he laughs. “They can definitely listen to the album while relaxing in the car or in the living room. That’s what this album was made for. He went on to say that this new mentality has been in place since the start of the pandemic.

Looking back over the two-year production process, Kavinsky wonders, “I wanted to create a new sound. More lush. Softer, less sinuous than before. »

But returning was not an easy decision for Kavinsky.

He clearly thinks a lot about everything he presents to the world. It’s not just a new album, a bunch of singles and merch; No, he has to create all the aesthetics by hand – that’s what he’s probably best known for.

Each episode features a similar Hollywood clip that tells the alternate story of Dead Cruiser (Kavinsky’s character who chases bad guys down shady highways and rescues girls in distress). Each merchandise should allow any fan to experience Kavinsky’s wildest fantasies to the fullest.

Heck, this time they even got a deal with French watch brand YEMA for an exclusive (and limited) edition of the watch. That’s just £450,000 on Kickstarter in just a few days.

No, Kavinsky doesn’t call anything half-baked. But it’s very successful.

And while he wants to keep creating Dead Cruiser legends in movies and TV shows for years to come (“Sometimes I fall asleep thinking about it…one day, maybe it will happen, but there are no plans”), Kavinsky seems to want a little distraction. of his past. .

Since Kavinsky retired from music in 2013, his popularity has steadily risen, possibly due (in part) to the 2011 Nicholas Winding film Raven’s Drive. of its largest and most popular. tracks. It has become synonymous with the film, but it seems to have become a curse word for the artist himself.

When I mentioned the movie, he replied, “When I think back to when Drive came out, it was a really good time for me. Many people listened to my music. Many people could not listen to my music or listen to my music. Various types of music. So they knew what I had from this film, I obviously owe a lot to this film.

He didn’t go into details.

I was also interested to know if he had any ideas about how OutRun and his other early music could spark the birth of a new aesthetically oriented music genre (as exciting as synthwave).

He began slowly: “You must have heard of the complex wave. “But I’ve told a lot of people over and over, ‘I hate putting my music in a genre, in a box.’ »

He quickly added, “But if my music makes people or musicians work on their music and be creative, of course I’m very happy about that. [But] I won’t think about my own music. It’s just a new word that I heard about after the fact. »

Regardless of music labels and expectations, Kavinsky was delighted to be back with his fans. He indifferently indicated that he was going to visit America on tour and wanted to visit the UK as soon as possible.

But will this second album make all his fans last another ten years – or maybe not at all?

Thank God no.

Kavinsky assured me, “I won’t wait that long. Because in ten years I will be too old to release a new album! So I’ll be back sooner than before. »

Kavinsky – Rayborn is already out.

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