L’Expression: Economy is an important economic springboard

We are talking about assessing the effectiveness of national mechanisms for promoting research results in the interests of the national economy.

The aspect of scientific research has been widely promoted as a priority for the reform and revival of the national economy in order to provide economic development with a reliable scientific base. It was from this point of view that the President of the Republic emphasized the emergence of a knowledge economy, the fruits of which will undoubtedly be the spread of start-ups. The orientation required in a situation where the severity of the developmental delays and deficiencies caused by shaky governance that plunged the country into chaos for decades can only be mitigated by the effects of digitalization on a large scale across all government institutions and sectors. . To this end, it is essential that this orientation be accompanied by a central authority that would direct the country’s strong energies and skills to the production of gray matter, which would produce effective economic forecasts. It is from this perspective that the Prime Minister, Mr. Aymeneh Benabderrahman, led on Saturday in Algiers, on behalf of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmajid Tebboun, the establishment of the National Council for Research and Technology (CNRST). An achievement that will mark a decisive turning point, as it will endow public policy with a scientific condition that will not fail to have positive consequences both for their application and for the importance of the results to be obtained from them. In other words, the creation of this body comes at a very sensitive stage of the economic transition, because it can combine the efforts made by the public authorities and the actions taken to correct the situation in a direction that meets current requirements. and problems. CNRST is positioned as an accelerator for the development of skills and capacities that have been sidelined for years, in favor of rapid development that will improve the standard of living of Algerians through a knowledge economy. A springboard that several underdeveloped countries have taken advantage of to achieve development records and finally get out of instability. The incorporation of scientific research into the development of economic concepts can also ensure the stability and regularity of innovation activity, which will inevitably affect the creation of wealth and employment. Despite the immeasurable consequences of modernization that the actions of this body will cause in all sectors of the economy, especially in the current situation, when the solution of economic problems is undoubtedly the absolute priority of the government. Effects that will strengthen the fight against corruption, facilitate the administrative life of citizens, speed up the implementation of structuring projects, establish the principle of efficiency and binding results in sensitive areas such as healthcare, education, tixes and transport, for a name but a few. It is under these conditions that the creation of CNRST opens up a new way out of the crisis, the goal of which is to turn the knowledge economy and the development of the structure of start-ups into a tool that serves to transform scientific approaches into modes of operation designed to remove the main obstacles to economic recovery. It is from this perspective that the body’s main mission is to “promote national research in technological and scientific innovation, propose measures to develop national research capacity, and evaluate the effectiveness of national research promotion mechanisms.” results for the benefit of the national economy,” the press service of the Prime Minister said in a statement.

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