Masks and passes, presidential campaign, draft budget, sports:

Most of this morning’s news is the disappearance of the medical pass, the mask no longer mandatory except at the doctor’s and the hospital, the start of the official presidential election campaign, New Caledonia’s 2022 budget considered in Congress as of this afternoon or even back for a very sporty weekend.

This is an important step since the local circulation of the virus: after seven months of wearing a mask, it is no longer mandatory in transport, theaters and even in business. The only exception is that the mask remains mandatory at the doctor’s or in the hospital. On the other hand, the health pass will not be requested anywhere else. Even in medical facilities, the only places where it was still mandatory. Read here.

There will be no official Covid report this weekend, the next one is expected this afternoon. Last Friday, two patients were in intensive care, fourteen were in the Covid ward, the number of active cases is estimated at 604, and the incidence rate is constantly decreasing at 123. Despite this decline, which allows easing health measures, the authorities are calling for caution. Barrier gestures and the wearing of a mask are always recommended for people who are in poor health and those who are not fully vaccinated.

It has been open since 9/11. In Noumea, the vaccinodrome, installed in the hall of honor of the mayor’s office, closed its doors last Saturday. In six and a half months, 33,572 doses of the Covid vaccine were administered. But since mid-February, the center has been increasingly operating at a slower pace.

Another epidemic of influenza A is raging. The number of applications for respiratory diseases has increased by 22%. A flu vaccine called “Southern Hemisphere” is due in Caledonia in April.

As for the news that marked the weekend, this house caught fire last night in the center of Noumea. An abandoned house located in the Latin Quarter, on Rue Verneuil. Intervention history here.

It was launched yesterday. Late in the afternoon on Saturday, a patrol stepped in to provide assistance at the scene, on the edge of RT1, about 200 meters from the top of the Col de la Pirogue, on the north side. She was rocked. Two gendarmes were slightly injured. The gendarmerie is trying to find the woman who allegedly filmed the scene. The person is asked to call the territorial brigade at 44 87 36.

In Noumea, on the night from Saturday to Sunday, four people, including two minors, were taken into custody after several robbery attempts in the Tuband district of the city of Noumea.

And on the night from Friday to Saturday in the Baie de Citron, a drunken man hit a restaurant owner with a bottle on the head. The victim was slightly injured, and a waitress was also attacked in this brawl. Placed in police custody, the alleged perpetrator was scheduled to face prosecutors yesterday for gun violence.

No new curfew is planned in Kumak. The mayor welcomes the effectiveness of the juvenile system rolled out two weeks ago. Wilfrid Weiss now intends to use the necessary funds with various subjects of the municipality, including ordinary ones. According to him, prevention will help curb juvenile delinquency.

Is our society getting more and more violent? What can you do to deal with insecurity? This is the theme of the show Questions about the country, on the radio today after the noon news. To discuss this, a few guests around Claudette Trupit.

Let’s move on to the official election campaign before the first round of the presidential elections (explanations here). It starts this Monday and runs until Friday evening next week. See you at the polls on Sunday, April 10th to choose between the twelve candidates running in the election. Electoral signs also appeared in front of the Caledonian town hall.

But here, instead, eyes are on Congress today. From today, the place to study the 2022 budget proposed by the Mapu government. It is designed for two days. The budget set at the beginning of the month at 82 billion CFP francs is not unanimous. Debate promises to be stormy, until the final vote.

Last Friday, the southern province’s executive branch and the French Association of Mayors specifically warned of cuts in loans to communities. Pascal Vittori, mayor of Bulupari and member of the AFM-NC, was JT’s political guest last night to talk about it.
The interview is summed up today on our website.

Gilles Vernier leads the Caledonian branch of the UFC-Que Choisir. He is the guest of the morning to talk about the cost of living: electricity, raw materials, fuel. Prices continue to rise and Caledonians have to deal with it.
The interview is also summed up this morning on our website

And in the TV news, this week’s Chez nous section is dedicated to Leaf, with one report a day on Drehu land.

The weekend was not only sunny but also very sporty: the Thio triathlon, the Paita Sunset circuit, the Dumbéa time trial, futsal, football, cricket, karate, badminton, table tennis, basketball… the coup d’etat” TV news page.

A few months after his U19 title, Brice Nicolas had just received the French title just eighteen more, his third, this time in the under 23 category.

The Solomon Islands face New Zealand is the poster for the Oceania 2022 World Cup qualifier final in Qatar. Salomon beat Papua New Guinea 3-2 and the Kiwis eliminated Tahiti 1-0.

This weekend in badminton took place the first competition of the year. For this first cup, the best players gathered at the Tours des Magenta stadium in Nouméa. Among them, Joanna Coe won the women’s singles final after a very tight match with Marin Suvia. In the men’s singles, Ronan Ho Yages wins after beating Lucas Julio in straight sets.

The ASLN is sending four fighters to the French Kata and Martial Arts Championships, which will be held on April 2 and 3 in Lille and on April 16 and 17 near Bordeaux. Departure of athletes on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Goal: to get on the podium, of course.

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