Meaux: Muzik’elles, cinema and equipment… Jean-Francois Cope presents his projects

Spring collection. On Monday, March 14, 2022, a municipal team from Meldoise gathered the residents at the Colosseum. Target ? Provide an action plan for the next few years. ” That was very it is a great pleasure for me to find melduait’s been two years since we had the vow ceremony, I promised that as soon as the health situation allows, we will do the evening again. » Safety, sustainability and cultural activities are at the heart of the projects. But the main news of the evening… This is the announcement of the big return of the Muzik’elles Festival!

In the field of sustainable development, Jean-Francois Cope plans to identify 50,000 trees in the city in 2026 (versus 25,000 today). Target ? Receive Fleur d’Or, Villes et Villages Fleuris’ top honor. In addition, the municipality welcomes Meetings of cities and villages in bloomMarch 31 and April 1, 2022.” We started a big adventure for sustainable development, for culture, we will do everything so that our city will continue to remain the same green, blooming, with bicycle pathssoft movement, high environmental quality construction, clean energy with photovoltaic and geothermal power.. Recently, bicycle locks have been installed in the city. Target ? Guaranteed secure parking.

Digital, security and employment… The municipality strengthens its activities thanks to new technologies like artificial intelligence. In the municipality Jean-Francois Cope plans to install new cameras, ten additional (total 316 surveillance cameras). Target ? Protect citizens and attract new businesses. ” I want to keep building the economy by attracting businesses, create using the Roissy-Meaux cluster, the ability to create a strong link with the Roissy platform and organize with all the municipalities that go from Meaux to Roissy. » Desired employment and environment dynamics for these four cities (Pays de l’Ourcq, Pays de Meaux, the plains and mountains of France and Roissy Pays de France).

Topic of the section, the Lafayette car park project is displaced. Initial work on the installation of footpaths and restoration of vegetation on Town Hall Square will begin simultaneously with the renewal of the city’s car fleet. Place Henri Moissan. The goal is to ensure smooth traffic around the town hall. ” In the second phase, we will make the Lafayette car park. The goal is to develop good levels so that we plant a forest in the center of the city so that it is a way for meldois to find each other for festive and happy moments. » Work on the Lafayette car park must not begin before the expiration of the mandate.

Cinema UGC Majestic, opening in 2024. After the filming of The Three Musketeers, the people of Meldua hoped to see the film in the cinema… But the opening of the doors is not expected until the summer of 2024.” Typically, UGC Majestic will reopen in the second quarter. And then, I hope that in eighteen months, we will finally find our cinema at the same time as the opening of the Cité de la Musique, Place Henri IV. » However, a preview of the film is scheduled at the Colosseum. Part of the film crew is present.

  • As far as entertainment is concerned, Jean Francois Cope announced the arrival Mo les Bains (gigetas, floating barbecues, bicycles on the water, etc.). In total, more than 500 events are waiting for residents in 2022. next release water festival planned for 2023.

The Muzik’elles, a long awaited return.It was heartbreaking that we stopped it, I’m sick of it. » With the announcement of the return of the mythical Meldua Festival, euphoria of nostalgia not wait. Created in honor of women artists, musicians made good days Taouziet Stadium. ” We’ve been waiting for this! I promised that we will do it again when we can, and it is planned with the foreshadowing of Calogero and will be a beautiful day. » The eleventh event, titled On&On by Muzik’elles (again and again), is expected on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at Tauziet Stadium.

  • Also credited are pop Marie-Flore, YN and Naomi Green (electric harp). Box office opening on Wednesday 20 April 2022 at the Luxembourg Theater in Meaux and at retail outlets.

We are going to resume journalism seminars, master classes, we are going to resume everything ! » Remember… A few years ago, the Muzik’elles workshops brought together five high school students from each of Mo’s high schools. discover the professions of communication and journalism, within one year. By announcing this prototype, Jean-Francois Cope assures that in 2023 it will be the real Muzik’elles that all generations will be waiting for.

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