Movies and series: when entertainment rhymes with rehab

First broadcast 05/11/2021

There was a time when watching a TV series was a good way to get rid of all sorts of worries and ideological debates that go on in society. To see some episodes of the series that have recently aired on television, it seems that this era is over. Under the guise of entertainment, the time has come for the indoctrination of the awakened ideology and the propaganda of a new variety of orders. Several examples that we give you testify to this.

Alex Hugo: An armed man is worth two

In September 2019, the Journalism Observatory returned to the series Alex Hugo, which aired on France 2 September 11 of the same year. We emphasized that this “entertainment” was clearly aimed at illegal immigration and was fiercely hostile to the Génération identitaire militants, who nevertheless paid dearly for peacefully drawing public attention to the impenetrable borders of France.

Everything in this episode really turned into depressing Manichaeism:

  • the director portrays a border fighter armed with a pistol, hinting: these faces are dangerous
  • migrants are viewed through a unique lens of vulnerability, a completely ignored otherness.

But this was only a small part of what we will find later in front of the strange skylight.

Class Struggle: The Islamic Veil That Saves

In 2019, a film directed by Michel Leclerc was released called ” Class struggle There is an iconic scene in this life story of a married couple with all the characteristics of a bohemian bourgeoisie stranded in an immigration suburb.

This is how the director manages to positively present a piece of fabric that nonetheless represents a retrograde and archaic image of a woman and an Islamic vision of society. Great feat.

School of life “Wallah according to the Koran”

On public televisionFrance 2), we can with the series “ School of Life » follow a young high school history and geography teacher. He ” highly regarded by his students according to the biopic. During exchange in a lesson on the fate of the Senegalese riflemen who served in the French army, one student expressed his annoyance at the constant criticism of colonization. To everyone’s satisfaction, the professor returned it to its place:

you have to understand that it was dramatic, for what (sic!) as you say we brought civilization “.

Of course, the protesting student could then only utter a big racist insult (” go eat your banana “), referring to a black student. he’s fired manu military class by an annoyed teacher.

At this stage, everyone has already understood where the “lower part of the forehead” is located. A perfect example of disqualification by association: anyone who disputes the entirely victimized notion of colonization is not only a racist, as evidenced by their insult to a fellow colored person. He also has ties to the neo-Nazi movement. It is clear that those who do not share the professor’s completely negative vision of colonization are dangerous.

Danger, represented in the Alex Hugo series as a weapon slung over the shoulder by an activist from the Génération identitaire, here takes the form of meeting people nostalgic for the 3rd well as Reich. From reduction to Hitler with grace…

Tomorrow Belongs to Us: An Awakened Catechism

But we save the best for last. “Serpico” makes us share on Twitter the new nugget of the series: tomorrow belongs to us ” on the TF1. In a recent episode, we hear a student diligently reciting the catechism of perfect awakening on the playground:

Yes, it’s me, the girl who got pissed off this morning with another. My name is Angie Diallo and I’m tired of not being on our programs. National education does not care about our individuality. Their programs were created by white heterosexual cis men who deny our differences. Only today society has changed, so minorities no longer deserve recognition, study and glorification.. (students begin to applaud the passionaries of vocal culture). I know that there are some of you who are hesitant to assert themselves, gays, lesbians, non-binary, who every day on the account of leaving the bachelor’s degree (?) to finally feel free to be who they are. Except that diversity is the norm today and I don’t agree that old boomers make us invisible. Let those who agree with me join. (enthusiastic exclamations of obviously very “conscious” students). We want to study blacks, gays, non-binary authors, women from immigration or mixed race, in short, people like us. “.

There is everything here: regular and unrestrained criticism of white men, the presentation of ethnic and sexual minorities as a new model that needs to be “glorified”, the desire to change cultural landmarks in order to re-educate. We are embarrassed by such a heap of clichés and caricatures.

In this struggle to establish a new diverse order, there are those who pull the strings, screenwriters obsessed with the idea of ​​” send a message “, and useful idiots, those who slavishly broadcast a discourse that can be described as “substitute”. We could talk about the awakening culture, also ubiquitous on the Netflix streaming site, but one article would not be enough.

Great art… Who thought he was having fun, he is being re-educated…

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