Politics | President 2022: At the Trocadero, Eric Zemmour still wants to believe in the “surprise”

“We have 14 days left, that’s an eternity” : Eric Zemmour mobilized tens of thousands of supporters at Sunday’s Place du Trocadero in Paris, where he greeted the Republican electorate several times to prevent elections.

Under the scorching sun, the far-right candidate declared “the biggest demonstration of the power of this campaign, a life-size poll, a taste of the surprise to come” according to him, two weeks before the first round.

In front of swarms of French flags, he mentioned the number “100,000 people” present, the same one put forward a week earlier by Insoumis during the meeting of Jean-Luc Mélenchon at the Place de la République. “I chose the Trocadero to come and wash away the insults of the right”said Eric Zemmour, while Nicolas Sarkozy and François Fillon met there in 2012 and 2017, losing presidential elections in the process.

Reconquête!’s candidate, who received about 10% of the vote in voting intent, booed three contestants: LR Valerie Pecresse, “Centrist is ready to vote for Emmanuel Macron”RN candidate Marine Le Pen, “a socialist in the economy who no longer wants to risk sovereign subjects”. and Emmanuel Macron “who still doesn’t know which side he’s on”.

“Macron the Killer”

“Macron’s killer” even echoed through the crowd when Erik Zemmour listed several victims of the attacks, including Mireille Knoll, an 85-year-old Jewish woman who was murdered in her home in March 2018.

The terms were immediately condemned by Macroni, as well as by his right-wing rival LR Valerie Pecresse. “I strongly fight the outgoing president, but allowing an opponent to be treated like a murderer is dangerous for the republic”she wrote on Twitter.

In the polls, standing shoulder to shoulder with Valerie Pecresse, behind Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen and slightly behind Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Eric Zemmour applauded several leaders from the right wing of LR: Eric Ciotti, François-Xavier Bellamy, Laurent Vauquiez and Nadine Morano; and R.N. Jordan Bardella. “I came to tell you a secret… We are the only ones on the right. I’m the only candidate on the right.”he began to bravado.

Perched on a monumental blue platform, he also resumed his anti-tax antiphon because “enough is enough”. Interspersed with quotes from Victor Hugo or Jacques Brel, he pressed less than usual on immigration, leaving the subject to previous speakers, led by Marion Maréchal. “How much time do we still have before France becomes an African France, (…) how much time is left before Islam becomes the majority in our land?”Marine Le Pen’s niece asked with a bang.

Former LR Guillaume Pelletier had almost adopted François Fillon’s formula earlier to energize the crowd. “They told us alone”, “Suddenly you’re out of sight”.

And the former deputy of the Vendée, Philippe de Villiers, did not fail to salute “France hidden vote”.

Among the speakers, Lawrence Trochu (Conservative Movement) of Manif’ pour tous extolled the values ​​of the family in the face of this “feminism that castrates men and masks women”.

“It’s hard to coexist”

In the crowd, between the Marseillaise, slogans “We’re home” Where Where is antifa?many activists did not believe the polls.

Before the stage, Tom Selchuk, with the Norman flag in his hand, said to protect the values. “personality” as well as “family”. Trocadero, he can “to give a push” vs. Marine Le Pen “who has a lot left”– estimated the young man of 19 years.

A little to the side stood Jean-Louis Faure, an elegant 75-year-old gentleman. “come as a neighbor” 16th arrondissement, as it was five years ago for François Fillon. This Algerian immigrant still doubts his vote but thinks Eric Zemmour is asking “an essential question, a question of civilization”. “Muslim civilization is different from ours, it is difficult for it to coexist”.

Valerie Dunois, 50, wearing a blue beret, arrived from Lyon with her daughter Priscilla. She finds that Eric Zemmour “break taboo” immigration and appreciates his speech on “respect” teachers. For her, “Public school today is a disaster”.

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