20 key indicators of Yannick Jadot

Environmental candidate Yannick Jadot has put forward a logical environmental agenda for this presidential election. Here are 20 key measures of his agenda for the 2022 presidential election.

Environmental candidate Yannick Jadot has put forward a logical environmental agenda for this presidential election. Here are 20 key measures of his agenda for the 2022 presidential election.

Public Policy: New Housing and Restarting Local Stations

What happens after this ad


What happens after this ad

The new SRU law, which mandates the construction of 30% social housing with: thermal renovation in each municipality (i.e. transitions to recalcitrant municipalities, organizes a social diversity and settlement policy to combat the ghetto. State grants to municipalities will be indexed for social and very social construction.

Repair of 800,000 poorly insulated social housing units and construction of 700,000 social housing units.

What happens after this ad

What happens after this ad

Public service:

The National School of Public Service will be created by merging national, territorial and hospital educational institutions of public service (National School of Administration, National Institute of Territorial Studies, School of Advanced Studies in Public Health, etc.). The course will focus on profoundly transforming the way central and local administration and public administration are organized to ensure autonomy, initiative, innovation, intelligent response to user needs, working in consultation with local authorities, associations and social partners.
Health :

Launch a real SÉGUR de la Santé to increase caregiver commitment, increase staffing and rethink hospital management.

We invest in daily trains and local stations. We are building a framework that promotes modal shift from road to rail and river to reduce logistics transport emissions by 50% by 2030.”

The sale of classic diesel and thermal vehicles will be banned from 2030. The road crossing plan will be developed with the participation of manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, employees, communities, consumers and associations. An environmental bonus will be given for the purchase or rental of low-emission used vehicles.
Security :

Launching a conference on respect and trust between police and citizens to establish the elements of a programming law to provide the police with the means they need to operate, adapt the administrative organization, and restore police doctrines in line with Republican traditions.

The General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the human rights activist.

An economy that adapts to ecology

Economics and finance:

For excellent reflections on tuition, salaries, staff, charters and funds for schools in urban and rural areas.

The right to work remotely will be established to opt out of collective bargaining. For workers who cannot take advantage of this, the right to flexible working hours will be introduced to make everyday life easier, especially with regard to transport.

Creation of a management for large companies with a supervisory board and board, similar to what exists in Germany. “In companies with more than 500 employees, a third of the members of the Supervisory Board are employees’ representatives. This share rises to half in companies with more than 2,000 employees. strengthen their control over managerial decisions in areas most directly related to working conditions and the health of workers.”

Condition all public support companies receive (government aid, government contracts, etc.) to respect for the environment, social progress, and equality between women and men. In each region, funds for resettlement and reindustrialization will be created, supplemented by the transfer of a part of production taxes.

50 billion euros in additional public spending per year: “Each euro will be driven by climate, social justice and gender equality.”

Ban on neonicotinoids and glyphosate from 2022.

Impose a moratorium on expansions and new installations. By 2025 there will be no more industrial farming in France.

By 2030, 30% of the CAP funds will be directed to providing public catering (schools, universities, hospitals, public institutions, etc.) with 100% organic, quality and local products. VAT is waived on organic and local products to make healthy food available to everyone.

The goal of zero net artificiality by 2050 and the development of a large redevelopment sector to create 200,000 jobs must be achieved.

Increase the cost of energy for the most unreliable to 400 euros per year.

The International and Democracy: Rethinking the Forces of Governance

International :

For the creation of a pan-European force of 5,000 people.

Asylum and migration policy will be transferred to the Ministry of Solidarity and Integration.
Governance and Republic:

Guarantee Republican protection and civil liberties by creating a Ministry of Republican Defense instead of the Ministry of the Interior.

Other institutional changes to be discussed (such as the right to vote at 16 or a non-renewable 7-year presidential term), and the method of voting in the National Assembly elections will be proportional, within departmental limits with a representation threshold of 5% and parity.

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