A motorcycle accident, a burnt car, a burglary, stolen fuel… Briefly about the various facts of this Monday in Auvergne.

Biker injured in La Bourboule

A 22-year-old motorcyclist was injured in an accident that occurred on Sunday, March 27 at around 6:30 pm at a place called Vendeix Haut, in La Bourboule, at the intersection of RD 645 and 88. The pilot lost his balance through a hole in the roadway, lost control of his car and ended the race on a forest trail. Injured, he was flown by a Dragon 63 helicopter to the Clermont-Ferrand Hospital Center. He is still in the hospital.

Arrested in a burglary in Curnon.

The three young Pudomois were arrested on Sunday at around 2:45 pm in the company building on rue Industrie in Cournon. They loaded their car with copper plates. At the end of police custody, one of them, aged 16, was subpoenaed in a criminal case. Two others, aged 19 and 20, are called in for a guilty verdict.

Driving under drugs in Lempdes

The motorist, who was driving on Monday, March 28, at about 00:10 to Lempdes, was checked by a police patrol. Inside the car, officials found a bag containing five bags of cannabis resin and four more of weed. The driver was driving under the influence of drugs. He was taken into custody. While waiting for the results of blood tests, he was released and will be called back later. On the other hand, he was already served with a subpoena to the Code of Criminal Procedure (appearance on a preliminary confession of guilt) for possession of drugs.

premium Accident in Sauvany-Saint-Marthe (Puy-de-Dome): the driver, moving in the oncoming lane of the A75, was driving while intoxicated


Car fire in Cassette

On Monday, at 3 am, Vichy police officers were called to set fire to a car parked in the company’s parking lot on Rue Ampère. The car was completely destroyed by fire.

Pallet fire in Lyursi Levy

On Sunday, March 27, shortly before 9 p.m., the driver saw a fire behind a store in Lursi-Levi, he called emergency services. It was a pallet and crate fire that firefighters put out. The fire did no harm. The gendarmes of Bourbon-l’Archambault arrived at the scene.

House damaged by fire in Igrande

Shortly before 11 p.m. on Sunday, March 27, a 65-year-old woman heard a noise and saw flames on her roof as she lay in bed. She then called 911. Firefighters from Ygrande, Cérilly and Bourbon put out a fire that destroyed the ground floor, rendering the house uninhabitable. During the operation, 15 people living in six nearby houses were evacuated. The 60-year-old woman was moved to her family nearby. The gendarmes of Bourbon-l’Archambault drew the usual conclusions. Random trail is currently preferred.

Collision between SNCF bus and car in Montlucon

Firefighters and police were called on Monday, March 28, shortly after 7 am, in connection with a traffic accident in Montlucon. An unoccupied SNCF bus and car collided at a very low speed, according to initial reports, at the corner of Avenue Kennedy and Rue de Nerdre. Only two drivers participated. The driver of the car, a 28-year-old man, was slightly injured in the ribs and was taken to the Montluconnet hospital. The bus was inspected on the spot, but remained unharmed. The investigation will have to establish which of the two was at fault at this intersection, regulated by traffic lights. All tests performed at the scene were negative.

Montluconnet served sixteen months in prison.

While patrolling the streets of Montlucon, the police attacked a Montlucon man they knew well on Friday, March 25, at about 9 pm. The latter was the subject of an arrest warrant following two sentences of ten and six months in prison. Arrested, he was placed in police custody before being taken to the Montlucon remand prison on Saturday afternoon, where he served two sentences.

100 liters of road diesel fuel stolen in Kinssen

About one hundred liters of road diesel fuel (GDT) was stolen from the evening of Saturday 26 March until the morning of Monday 28 March from the tank of a tractor parked at a construction site in Quincene, along the RD 151. The investigation was entrusted to the gendarmes of the Montluçon Brigades community.

Sentenced for threatening CAF agents with death at Clermont-Ferrand

Upper Loire

Motorcycle passenger injured in Chavagnac-Lafayette

At around 3:20 p.m. Saturday, a motorcycle passenger was injured in a fall. The accident occurred when the pilot of the motorcycle, trying to park, lost his balance and fell into a ditch. The passenger, who suffered a wrist injury, was examined by firefighters and then taken to the Émile-Roux Hospital Center in Puy-en-Velay. Testing the pilot for alcohol and drugs gave a negative result.

Gas leak at Camping La Chaise-Dieu

Firefighters intervened at the La Tour campsite on Saturday around 7:30 pm in La Chaise Dieu. A gas cylinder leak was reported in the kitchen of a building that housed a group of 180 young people. Firefighters evacuated three people to the Emile Roux hospital center in Puy-en-Velay.

Probation for former Yellow Vest teacher who threatened Emmanuel Macron with death


In Champagnac, a man who is suspected of kicking his partner out

The gendarmes were called on the night of Friday 25 March to Saturday 26 March at 2 am in Champagnac. A young woman reproached her 28-year-old companion for throwing her out with a baby, while he himself remained drunk inside with a baby. The woman had scratches, especially on her face and shoulder. A man placed in police custody, who was tested for 1.46 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, appeared before prosecutors on Monday, March 28. In a few weeks he will be summoned to the criminal court of Aurillac, and until then he is forbidden to make contact with his companion.

Burnt-out apartment in Riom-et-Montagne.

This Monday, March 28, around 15:40, firefighters intervened in a three-story building on Sarrazin Boulevard. Presumably due to a malfunction of the oil stove, the apartment caught fire. Firefighters from Riom, Condat and Mauriac brought the fire under control. The tenant will be relocated by the mayor’s office, the apartment is destroyed.

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