A wine cellar caught fire, a cyclist was injured after hitting a wall… An update on the latest facts from Yonne.

On the night of Sunday March 27 to Monday March 28, 2022, at around 3:45 am, a fire broke out in a wine cellar in the town of Lignorell. Approximately 300 m2 of a total area of ​​1500 m2 was affected. Agricultural machinery was destroyed. Stainless steel vats and oak barrels have been preserved, stored in a cellar-like lower part. The owner was taken to Auxerre Hospital with a slight burn on his hand. Forty firefighters from the rescue centers of Auxerre, Ligny-le-Châtel and L’Isle-sur-Serein were mobilized before 9:30 am Monday.

Joigny: in the wall

This Saturday, March 26, at around 5:15 pm, a 32-year-old cyclist fell seriously at the bottom of rue des Sureaux in Joigny. dwelling located in a bend. Samu took care of the bleeding victim and transferred him to Auxerre Hospital. According to the first elements of the investigation, she was not wearing a helmet.

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Perrini: fractures for a biker

A traffic accident between a car driven by a 61-year-old woman and a motorcycle driven by a 36-year-old man occurred on Friday, March 25, on Rue Auge in Perrigny. The motorcyclist was unconscious, on the ground, with several fractures. He was transferred to the Auxerre hospital. Drug and alcohol tests were negative.

Charbuy: motorcycle and car collision

A motorcyclist driving towards Aillain-sur-Tholone lost control at the end of the curve on the D84 in Charbuis on Saturday, March 26, early in the day. He ended up in the oncoming lane and crashed into a BMW driven by a 63-year-old woman who was not injured. The 41-year-old motorcyclist was taken to Auxerre Hospital with minor injuries. I had to take a blood test to detect traces of alcohol or drugs.

Molay: driver hits a deer

A biker who was riding the D45 at Mol fell seriously while trying to avoid a deer on Saturday, March 26, early in the day. At the age of 49, she was taken conscious, first to the Tonnerre Hospital Center and then to the Dijon Hospital Center for an operation. Negative drug and alcohol test.

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Valravillon: the driver was very drunk

The driver left the road in Valravillon on Sunday around 18:30, his car rolled over several times. The 39-year-old driver was fined for late inspection. He was driving under the influence of alcohol, the breathalyzer showed 0.85 mg/l, or 1.7 grams in the blood. He was taken to the Joigny hospital.

Auxerre: police custody

On the afternoon of this Sunday, March 27, 2022, the manager of a tobacco bar in Place Cordelier d’Auxerre called the police. A 41-year-old man who placed a bet on PMU refused to pay the establishment 151 euros. due. A 40-year-old man was taken into custody for contempt, rebellion and threats against the police.

Haute: several barrels

A resident of Gourga was the victim of a traffic accident on the evening of Saturday, March 26, between the roundabout of Hauterives and Seignele. On the D84 highway, the car of this 40-year-old man crashed into the concrete structure of a power pylon, after which it rolled over several times. He was taken to the hospital with a severe wound in his arm.

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