After a disastrous season, the resorts of the Pyrenees are doing well in 2022.

In Occitania, the number of tourist overnight stays increased by 30% compared to 2021. (©Illustration by Adobe Stock)

That Pyreneesbig winners of the winter holidays in St. Occitania ! According to data collected Regional Committee for Tourism and Leisure of Occitania (CRTL) for winter break 2022, all clients and all types of accommodation combined, Occitanie sees tourist overnight stays increase by 30% compared to 2021 (+2.6 million overnight stays). This allows it to recover its volume for the winter holidays 2020 (-1%), suddenly stopped by the first conclusionMarch 17, 2020

Gradual return of foreign tourists

Half of this increase in the number of overnight stays compared to last year is due to increase in the number of French customers (+1.3 million overnight stays in France; +19% compared to 2021); which even allows to surpass the volume of 2020 (+6%) and strong return of foreign customers (+1.3 million foreign overnight stays, i.e. +78% compared to 2021); which allows us to approach the level of 2020 (-16%).

White year in 2021

Compared to the winter holidays of 2021, marked by an unfavorable health context (white year for ski resorts), the evolution of tourist overnight stays (all clientele combined) is on the rise. ski resorts of the Pyrenees.

With a sharp increase +70% for the number of overnight stays compared to winter 2021 (lifts closed) The Pyrenees even have the luxury of exceeding the 2020 winter holidays by 10% (the last one before Covid). The mountain that has benefited from good snow level and one favorable weather this season, he regained his traditional tourist clientele, and was also able to count on a local clientele who came to spend the weekend in the mountains.

These encouraging results have brought a smile to the faces of tourism professionals in Occitania, starting with the people of the Pyrenees who are experiencing an exceptional winter season. The strong return of French customers to ski resorts (accounting for 90% of overnight stays compared to an average of 75% for the region) contributed greatly to this surprise arrival, thus proving CRTL’s strategy to seduce the ski markets. proximity.

Vincent GarelRegional Committee for Tourism and Leisure of Occitania (CRTL)

In addition, CRTL d’Occitanie also marks a double-digit evolution. on the coast (+22%), in big cities (+22% in Montpellier, +23% in Toulouse) or In the village (+15%); only central massif decreased slightly (-2%), while remaining more efficient than in 2020 (+7%).

City continues to experience delay compared to 2020 winter break

However, there remains a delay for urban spaces compared to winter break 2020, which is still behind due to their heavy dependence on foreign and business clients and, more generally, in most universes, the level of visitation by foreigners during the 2022 holidays remains lower than in 2020, which is a record year in terms of international overnight stays.

Origin of customers

French customers remain in the majority for the 2022 winter break, accounting for 75% of all overnight stays in the region. The observed growth compared to last year (+19%) and even compared to 2020 (+5%) is mainly due to the return of customers from other regions (+1 million overnight stays between 2022 and 20210), which is two thirds . French nights recorded in Occitania during this winter vacation. The most noticeable changes concern customers from the areas of the western facade.

As for the overnight stays of foreign tourists, compared to 2021, primarily European customers have grown sharply. Germans and Americans.
Spain, the UK, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are among the top five foreign clients and account for more than 4 out of 10 overnight stays abroad. However, the Spanish clientele stands out, generating as many overnight stays in Occitania as all its tourists. 4 contenders.

In particular, cities accounted for 38% of the total number of overnight stays during these winter holidays (12% for ” Greater Toulouse ”, 7% for the metropolis of Montpellier and 19% for other cities in Occitania), rural 28%, Pyrenees 19%, coast 12% and Massif Central 4%.

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