Batman and Joker backstory improves Pattinson’s Dark Knight

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Batman.

Joker deleted scene backstory Batman shows that the hint of their history and that they fought before gives Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight story a nice edge in the long run. Matt Reeves’ take on Batman went to great lengths to distinguish itself from other cinematic iterations of the Caped Crusader, approaching the earlier period of the Dark Knight’s career with stark realism. Barry Keoghan’s version of the Joker is no different, and that bodes well for future releases. Batman if the Joker fights Batman again.

BatmanA deleted scene released shows Pattinson’s Batman visiting the Joker at Arkham Asylum. While showing him a file on the Riddler murders, Batman asks the Joker what he thinks about the murders. The Joker is never fully shown in the scene, being out of focus, close up, or shot from behind. Although Keoghan’s Joker also appears at the end Batman along with the Riddler, a deleted scene from the film offers a teasing look at the twisted madman behind the mangled smile, as well as his backstory with Batman.

Giving Pattinson’s Batman the Joker story early on is an improvement over other Batman movie versions that only featured their initial fight. Both 1989 Batman and 2008 Black Knight iconic performances by the Joker are featured, but their stories are limited to only one film. Jared Leto’s Joker also has a backstory with Ben Affleck’s Batman, but Affleck subsequently hung up his cape. Flash, their story doesn’t seem to have gotten off the ground either. Conversely, with Batman showing that Pattinson’s Dark Knight has already defeated the Joker, future films may use the Joker’s rich comedic history as Batman’s eternal enemy. There is no origin story for the Joker (much like Batman begins in Bruce Wayne’s second year of fighting crime), because the audience has already seen the story unfold.

With over 80 years of Batman and Joker comic book history, skipping their storyline and first fight is a good move for Reeves. Very few details are required to establish the backstory of Batman and the Joker (for example, the Joker mentioned that it was almost their “birthdayafter their first fight and that he’s already in Arkham) because the public can fill in the blanks. It’s much better to have their story involved because the characters can develop further than previous versions of the movie and give fans something fresh from their battles. When Reeves builds a scam gallery for Batmanit’s more effective in terms of storytelling if their paths already cross and it makes the world feel settled and alive.

As good as the Joker scene was, it’s probably for the best that it was left on the cutting room floor. With Batman It’s almost 3 o’clock, the scene could have slowed down the movie. It would also deprive the Riddler of some of his revelations to Pattinson’s Batman at Arkham later in the film. Reeves had no intention of using the Joker in batman 2, but even if used with care, they won’t have to spend time exploring an old theme through an origin story, but instead they can delve deeper into the yin/yang relationship between Batman and the Joker. . At the same time, the potential arkham asylum TV series coming out Batman could give Keoghan’s Joker more opportunities to hint at his history with Pattinson’s Batman.

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