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Aixois can hide another. Should we still talk about the cover-up. This Saturday’s winner Damian Wild lost his yellow tunic to teammate Corentin Ermeno, who was already in a group of three breakaways the day before. The athletics specialist, who had just completed an internship with the French team, completed the AVC Grand Slam Aix-en-Provence by winning the Sunday round. Corentin Ermeno is back with DirectVelo on his weekend and this double blow on the last day to win the Tour du Canton de l’Estuaire (see ratings).

DirectVelo: How do you like this race?
Corentin Ermeno: It was great, it was much less crazy than yesterday (Saturday) when I moved from one of the last groups to the first. Today (Sunday) we missed a group of eight people from the start, and then managed to fall behind. Blagnac helped us. I don’t know why, but so much the better! The last track was a bit more difficult to manage. Luckily, I had a team and especially Julien Trarier, who was very strong on this track. Everything happened at the end. We quickly climbed the last hill, and, it seems, we are already in our late thirties. I quickly took the lead on the last kilometer and kept my place. The sprint went well. I was always told that I couldn’t win the group sprint, so I should have won today!

You haven’t won multi-days for a long time…
Yes, and on top of that, as Adrian Garel would say, I have a T-shirt curse. When I win the first stage or time, the next day I always have bullshit or canvas. There I broke my switch, but it was good in the end. In addition, there is a beautiful story. Yesterday (Saturday) a gentleman heard that I was having problems with the switch and came to see me. In the evening he brought me his bike to lend me his derailleur. I win today (Sunday). I thank him. I don’t know his name, but I gave him a T-shirt and a small bottle of wine. We took a picture. This is a beautiful story.


At the beginning of the season, you said that you were a little behind because you lost in the sprint…
Yes, I’m fixing the situation! We see evolution. I’m well prepared. There is a Boucle de l’Artois that comes, so the shape comes too. I corrected today. I had a trek course all week and in general I am not in the best shape after these courses. I even suck a little, but this weekend I broke this rule. This is very bad.

Yesterday (Saturday) you attacked at the start of the stage. Was it just to unblock you?
Here. Like every time I left a training course, I had a blocked leg, I couldn’t get out of the watts, I quickly choked, so I went out to unblock myself. There was construction yesterday. When they restarted the race, my legs hurt, I was buried, and I was in the sixth group. Walking down the line, I heard the announcer announce a 2:17 delay. i said to myself “Here’s Coco, we might have to go”. I jumped from group to group. The guys didn’t take over from me, so I had to take them off the wheel each time to get back. As soon as I entered the leading group, I left. I’ve gone off the rails. This puts Damian Wild in the lead as he split the group into three. After I got out at the end, I had another mechanical problem. Usually this doesn’t happen at all. But if it was always like this, it would be great. Such a weekend, I take.


You also talked about Boucle de l’Artois next weekend. Are you coming with big ambitions?
We are not going to hide it, I am going there to try to win there with Aix-en-Provence. That was the deal. I come to Aix, they let me do what I want, but the goal is to race big. We are going there with a big group. We hope to do something in the hours to manage behind. This year we have a great team. However, we have not changed much compared to last year, but we are all united. We have good couriers, we run after each other and everything goes well between us. I was also recruited for this. I’m here to set the right mood so that everything goes well. That’s the point.

Have you set goals for yourself this year or are you taking the races for what they are?
A bit of both. I take it as it is, but I also have goals like the Boucle de l’Artois, the French time trial and road championships, and the European and world championships on the track.

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