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PROXY VOTING. Presidential elections will be held on 10 and 24 April next year. And if you can’t go to your polling place, keep in mind that proxy voting has become easier to allow someone to vote for you, even if they are not registered in the same polling place as you.

[Mis à jour le 28 mars 2022 à 14h20] As with any election, whether legislative, municipal, departmental or regional, you have the option to vote by proxy if you do not go to your polling place. And the presidential elections, which will take place on April 10 and 24, 2022, are no exception.

From 1uh In January 2022, proxy voting was even relaxed. A voter can now issue a power of attorney to a voter of their choice, even if they are not registered in the same municipality. However, the person appointed to vote in your place, i.e. the proxy, must always vote in the polling station where you are registered. If you have not issued a power of attorney yet, know that it is not too late. You have time before the date of the first ballot to make a proxy, so it’s not too late to do so. A warning ! Due to delays in sending and processing the power of attorney, it is recommended that you apply for a power of attorney as soon as possible.

In particular, you can submit a request for a power of attorney through this platform after receiving from your proxy either their voter number and date of birth, or all the details of their civil status and their voting municipality. After applying online, you must go to the police station, gendarmerie or consulate to verify your identity and confirm your power of attorney. You will then receive an email notification that your proxy has been accepted. In order to know on a case-by-case basis what steps need to be taken to request a power of attorney, Service Public offers a detailed description here (requesting a power of attorney in France, from abroad, etc.). ).

Elections by proxy: form to the police, gendarmerie, to the court

To issue a power of attorney, you can contact the police station, the gendarmerie brigade or the district court at the place of residence or work. At the counter of these institutions, you will be given a form to fill out by hand. If you live abroad, you will need to contact a consulate or embassy. In case you are unable to travel – only for health reasons, the only justification is taken into account -, you will need to ask the authorities to come to you to issue a power of attorney for your home, substantiating your written request with a medical certificate or proof of incapacity for work.

Another solution if you want to save a little time: you can now download the same form from the Internet (named Cerfa 14952*s01), fill it out electronically, and then print it out. You can get it by clicking right here from our website. The document is printed on two sheets. You must complete the Proxy Voting, Sworn Statement, and Proxy Receipt sections. The state has been implementing this procedure for several years and hopes to make it easier to use the power of attorney. This does not exempt you from filing a complaint with the police station / gendarmerie / district court – this step is mandatory – but you will spend less time in the corridors or at the reception desks of these administrations.

In both cases, the information to be filled in is the same. First, you must provide your identity, address, date of birth, phone number, email address. Then you fill in a few fields regarding this “authorized person”: his last name/first name/first names/address/date of birth. Finally, you must choose the duration of the power of attorney (specific elections or end period). The administration asks you to fill out an affidavit stating the reason why you cannot fulfill your electoral obligations (health, disability, professional or educational obligations, vacation, residence in a municipality other than the one in which you are registered on the electoral roll). etc.) Once the full form is completed, you will receive a receipt confirming the fact that you, the Principal, have issued power of attorney to your agent for the selected election.

When you fill out the power of attorney form, you have two options: either you choose the type of election (for example, presidential elections 10/04/2022), or you choose the expiration date (the power of attorney is valid “until DD/MM/YYYY”). “). In the case of specific elections, you must indicate whether you are issuing a power of attorney for the 1st ballot only, for the 2nd ballot only, or for both ballots. If you choose an end date, please note that the power of attorney may be issued for a term no more than one year within the country and three years at embassies or consulates for French voters living abroad, so it is up to you to decide which type of power of attorney best suits your absence (holiday, expatriation, accidental impossibility related to your work, etc.). d.).

Theoretically, you can apply for a power of attorney until the day before the elections, i.e. until April 9, 2022 for the next presidential election. But the request must have time to be sent, the polling station must be notified in time. To implement this process, calculate the delay in routing and processing of the power of attorney in the mayor’s office. Take steps as soon as possible to ensure that your proxy does not interfere with voting for you on D-Day. In general, it becomes difficult to be sure of being able to vote by proxy if these steps have not been taken. carried out at least 3 days before the end of the voting period.

The person who will vote for you can be your husband, your wife, your brother, your mother, friend, neighbor.a political activist whose sympathies you share… The law does not establish any criteria regarding the nature of your relationship. Before voting, tell him the name of the candidate or list you want to vote for. She is free to respect your choice…or not! So, obviously, choose a trusted person, because he will be the one who will put the ballot in the envelope and, therefore, will play in the results of the 2022 presidential election. Note that as of July 1, 2022, it is now possible to give your power of attorney to a voter registered on the voter lists of another municipality.

The answer is simple: no documents. The person who votes for you does not have to provide any concrete evidence. This person, to whom the power of attorney has been entrusted, will not receive any official documents before the vote. All he has to do is show up at YOUR polling station with an identity document, state his name before dropping the ballot in the ballot box, the office chairman will verify the power of attorney and confirm his vote like no other. Thus, your proxy will vote twice: once for himself in his polling place and once for you in your office. To make things easier, feel free to let him know in advance polling station hours.

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