Kirby and The Forgotten World: Switch exclusive unanimous?

Game news Kirby and The Forgotten World: Switch exclusive unanimous?

After thirty years of good and loyal service, the iconic pink ball finally comes to 3D with Kirby and the Forgotten World, available exclusively on Nintendo Switch starting March 25th. As usual, the hero brings with him his colorful universe and his famous transformations. But what does the SP press think?

Even if Kirby has always been overshadowed by Mario in terms of Nintendo platformers, The Forgotten World is a game that is pretty expected. First of all, it symbolizes important transition for the little pink balloon, which is now making its 3D debut. And the least we can say is that the charming hero passed this course with flying colors. As for us, we gave it a 17/20 and Metacritic scores well. 84/100. “Between well-thought-out novelties and iconic elements, Kirby (with The Forgotten World – approx. ed.) has undoubtedly found the right formula and is giving us a great surprise” especially written by Meakaya, our tester. And, as we shall see, the rest of the press has not been left out.

Through rose colored glasses

The most common argument is undoubtedly that Kirby and The Forgotten World have given us a good dose of humor. Everything is very simple, with a variety of levels, colorful visuals and regularly changing gameplay, the adventures of a charming pink ball can pleasantly surprise the player. Good moment. “Seems to have everything here to put a smile on your face” states, in particular GamesRadar, which received a score of 4.5/5. “Soaking up all the panoramas and moving from one level to another is a pleasure.” A success that can be attributed to both art direction and technique (even if we regret the 30fps that drops from time to time) and Kirby’s ability. In addition to his traditional powers – fire, ice, Link-style warrior – the little pink balloon can now use Transmorph take the form of everyday objects: a car, a construction cone or scaffolding. An eccentricity that goes above all beyond a mere joke. “These transformations bring a new dimension to Kirby’s gameplay. The latter is more complete and regularly surprises us.” writes on his side Meakaya for JV.

With a bite

“You should treat Kirby (and the Forgotten World – ed.) as a pleasant walk through the levels, one more charming than the other” notes MGG choosing 85/100. Because that’s how we should welcome the new adventures of the little pink balloon. Despite two difficulty modes, title challenge usually delayed, even if the levels get more difficult as you progress. The most challenging levels will be the Treasure Road levels, areas where you’ll have to face a series of obstacles in a limited amount of time using only one power. It’s a pretty good idea to explore Kirby’s full range of moves while offering an alternative to the main adventure levels and (sometimes multiple) bosses.

“On Wild difficulty, bosses can kill you in a few hits” says GamesRadar. “For those looking for an easier experience, Spring Breeze is a great difficulty option”. There is no such opinion in other media: the absence of a call would be a rather serious pitfall. “Kirby and the Forgotten World is the perfect treat for beginners. For veterans, this is a 3D platformer, probably too much on autopilot to make any real memories.” Explain game cultwho chose 6/10. Same story with Polygon, who notes a “monotonous” experience that burns his cards too quickly. As well as Underground (7/10) goes even further: “Low difficulty exacerbates issues of repetition and lack of fluidity in level design. It’s less fun on its own”. Because yes, the Switch adventure lets up to two players play to help the little ones get through.

Kirby and the Forgotten World – Our video test

surprise ball

This isn’t the only surprise Kirby and The Forgotten World have in store. As noted playing place (9/10): “This is more than just a cute and charming platform game with colorful graphics”. Because we haven’t mentioned the many secrets hidden in the levels (which make up for the lack of difficulty). And also about everything that happens in the village of Waddle Dee, which will develop over the course of the adventure. Not to mention some fun mini-games and sometimes, surprisingly, epic scenes. So yes, the title won’t keep you for a few hours (about 10 hours to play it for the first time), but obviously a very enjoyable journey awaits you. “A small breath of fresh air that is fun and a great entry into the world of Kirby” concluded for JV Meakaya.

Kirby and the Forgotten World

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